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Netbackup restoration queries

Level 4


We are using Netbackup 7.6.1 to backup Redhat 7. The backup is successful and it is going through the pte IP address of the media server.

When performing restoration, netbackup is not using media server's pte IP address but the public IP address instead and resulted failure to connect to the client.

Can anyone advise how to rectify the problem?


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Are you using different hostnames for the private network on media server and client?

Where is restore initiated from? 
Is client private network name used to browse and initiate the restore?

If correct private network hostname is used for client restore, then the media server will know to connect to client on private network.

Please ensure that these log folders exist to troubleshoot the process flow:

On master : bprd (if folder does not exist under netbackup/logs, create it and restart NBU)

On media server : bpcd, bpbrm and bptm

On client: bpcd and tar


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You need to tell us of how the network is configured first, do you have a drawing ?

Netbackup uses OS routing, the amount of tweak you can do within Netbackup is limited (without going into details).

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The restoration is initiated from the netbackup server.

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Please read and respond to the rest of my post as well as Nicolai's post.

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I have resolved this before by temporarily (or permanently) putting in a bp.conf entry of "REQUIRED_INTERFACE = <media server's backup network name or IP>" on the media server.

This is going to make all Netbackup traffic use the name or IP that you put down so it can cause problems if your media server uses the public name for any NBU communications, such as communications with the master, or other clients.