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Oracle Transaction log backups

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Hopefully this is a quick answer.  

For a number of years we have been running MS Windows policys to backup the Oracle translogs.  This worked fine without any problems. However now the backup is picking up the log that is being created at the time the backup is run, the open file.  

We are being told that we need to change the policy type to Oracle, but are not being given an explanation as to why it worked previously, and why we need to make the change. 

Can you tell me is this standard practice.  I've had a quick look at documentation but can't find the relevant part. Also can you confirm if the logs will automatically purge after the backup. This is currently being done by a third party applicaiton which my customer wishes to continue to use

thanks in advance





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Can you please explain what you mean with "However now the backup is picking up the log that is being created at the time the backup is run, the open file."


It sounds like you're using some type of scripted operation to perform an oracle dump/rman backup to disk and then you're grabbing the files. This could be a full or the logs. 


This could be done as a pre-backup (backup start notify script) process where you'd have some commands in this script that are supposed to execute before NetBackup starts to backup the files.


The fact that an empty file is being backed up would indicate that the script returned (indicated it was complete) while it might not have been finished.


This is a very old an ineffective method of doing backup. You can achieve the exact same thing with the Oracle Agent while removing the 2 step (dump and then collect) backup process. The oracle agent can do Full,incr, and archive log backups. It can delete the logs too if you want it too. NetBackup basically calls and RMAN script that does it all. So what ever your DBA's have put in their script, it can probably be put in the one NetBackup calls too.


All the same features with less of the headache.

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thanks for the prompt reply 


and tell me about it,  fully aware of what the oracle agent can do but if the client paying for the service does not want it done this way (despite numerous and repeating dicussions) there is not a great deal to be done.


It is scripted, using Application manager, the whole of AM including the script is supported internally, I'll have to see if I can get the detail


The weird thing is that the whole setup was working perfectly until a few weeks ago, but now it is insisting on backing up the open file.

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Let the customer as Oracle for their recommendation...

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You'll need to add some tracing in (or watch) the script to see what its doing, and when. Somewhere its getting confused.