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Recovering Windows 2008 R2 from IBM hardwware to HP

Our windows team is trying to recover a windows 2008 R2 server from the backup taken on the IBM server at the customers production site with Netbackup and restore it onto HP hardware at the DR location.

 Each attempt end with either a "boot device not found" error or it gets stuck in a boot cycle.

  Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

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had you follow this tech

had you follow this tech note?


Also check if your IBM server had a hidden partition in the beginning of the boot disk. You may have to recreate it to the HP server manually.
If this is the case, your windows was booting from the second partition and now, after the restore, there is no second partition because the installation is on the first partition.


Best to use BMR for this

Best to use BMR for this purpose. It is designed for this and supports recovery to. different hardware.