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Reiserfs and SYMCquiesce utility

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I'm using Netbackup 7.5, and the OS on the vm client is SuSE 11 SP2 x64 with reiserfs and LVM2, how can I guarantee the integrity of snapshot without SYMCquiesce utility? I've checked at doc " Support for NetBackup 7.x in virtual environments" and reiserfs is not supported.




Usually, for any non-Windows VMs, anything that is not/cannot be covered by SYMCquiesce - Including Red Hat and SUSE VMs that have unsupported file systems - the NetBackup Client should be installed for agent based backups. (So, no VMware VADP type backups.)

Unless, you can time a cron job script to flush and freeze your unsupported file system before each backup job starts, and long enough for the backup to complete. The timing and scheduling could be a bit tricky.

Perhaps it may be possible to utilize the parent_start_notify script on the Master server so that when a VMware VADP job starts, the Master would run your custom script which could call another script on the client for the ReiserFS flushing and freezing. After the backup has completed, a parent_end_notify could be used the same way for thawing.

I would recommend just installing the client for Standard type backups for the whole client, or, VMware VADP type backup for the whole VM plus a another Standard type policy (agent/client based) just for the ReiserFS mount point.

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Just to add that there is no need to use netbackup scripts.

Vmware has its own pre and post snapshot scripts for windows and linux vms.


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Thanks I'll test your suggests.