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Replication Director -NDMP/Netapp

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We currently run Replication Director and have been using it for Netapp SnapMirror operations. We manually deleted a source volume and the associated mirror that was part of a "backup" using Replication Director and now our Replication Director backups are failing as it still wants to see the deleted volume. Unified Manger is showing an error that the volume doesnt exist.  Does anyone know how to remove the volume definition from Veritas Replication Director? 


Level 2

Hi tomb_IAS,

I assume we are talking about Clustered Data ONTAP, correct ?

OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP holds database objects which you cannot "clean up" with the standard options and ways inside the OCUM GUI. OCUM is the central instance that sits on top of the filers and maintains a dedicated database with references to the objects in your clusteres (SVMs, volumes but also the SnapMirror relationships and stati). If you manually deleted a source volume and the associated mirror on the cluster then OCUM is not picking up on it. The regular way would have been to decommission the association through NetBackup which passes on the requests to OCUM and OCUM than takes action. This decomissioning would involve deleting the SLP to signal back to OCUM you are breaking the SM relationship, however since we recognize you might have multiple Policies using the same SLP there is a cleanup tool for OCUM available through NetApp support. You will need to open a ticket with NetApp support and they will help you remove the no longer existing OCUM datasets which are blocking you.


Andreas (Regional Product Manager Veritas Information Protection Solutions EMEA)