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Restoring from ESX Server 4.0

Level 3

My setup:
Master Server: Solaris 10.0, NBU Server 6.5.3
Client: ESX Server 4.0, NBU Client 6.5.3 (Linux 2.6)

My objective is to restore a vmx file that is stored in the /vmfs folder in my client (ESX Server 4.0).

My issue is when I tried to restore, I just cannot browse the /vmfs folder. /vmfs will only show a empty folder. Other folders is fine.

Any resolution?


Level 4

Please could you provide the configuration details of your backup policy with the command: bpplinfo policy_name -L
my first hypothesis is the cross mount point box may not be checked

Level 3
Hi, I still unable to browse the contents in /vmfs with Cross Mount Point enabled and disabled.

I think that Netbackup cannot backup the contents in /vmfs due to different file system. I have also explicitly list down the files that I want to back up (eg. vmdk and vmx files). Still cannot view the files in /vmfs.

Below is my backup policy. 

Policy Type:		Standard (0)
Active:			yes
Effective:		12/15/2009 09:49:42
Follow NFS Mounts:	no
Cross Mount Points:	yes
Client Compress:	no
Collect TIR info:	no
Policy Priority:	0
Ext Security Info:	no
File Restore Raw:	no
Client Encrypt:		no
Max Jobs/Policy:	Unlimited
Mult. Data Stream:	no
Block Level Incremental:	no
Perform Snapshot Backup:	no
Snapshot Method:		(none)
Snapshot Method Arguments:	(none)
Perform Offhost Backup:		no
Backup Copy:			0
Use Data Mover:			no
Data Mover Type:		2
Use Alternate Client:		no
Alternate Client Name:		(none)
Use Virtual Machine:		no
Enable Instant Recovery:	no
Disaster Recovery:	0
Collect BMR Info:	no
Max Frag Size:		0 MB
Checkpoint Restart:	no
Residence:		ELD-DB2-LTO4  
Volume Pool:		Cape-Daily  
Server Group:		*ANY*
Data Classification:		-
Residence is storage lifecycle policy:	no
Granular Restore:	no
Generation:	22

Level 4

For my part the policy looks good,
please could you get the jobid of the backup in the activity monitor and post the output of the below command:

bperror -jobid jobid_of_the_job -U 

Level 4
any update?

thank you

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
vmfs filesystem is managed by the vmkernel and not by the service console. If you have planned to take backups of virtual machines this way, shut down the vms , and then take a backup

YOU have to set /vmfs/volumes/............  as a backup selection in the policy. ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES will not do nor will selecting cross mount points

Right now what you are backing up is the service console, and not a single VM

You'll not even list the vmfs volmes by running   df -h   or mount  command, thus even if you specify cross mount points in the policy, they won't be backed up.

To see all the volumes on the esx, run vdf -h