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Restoring from old tapes

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Hi I have been tasked with reviewing old backup tapes to find certain files.  I have not used Netbackup for a couple of years and the company I am working with does not have support anymore.  I have connected the drive to the Windows 2003 server and inventoried the drive so that Netbackup sees the tapes that are loaded.  I have forgotten how to get to the data on each tape.  Can someone walk me through what to do to see the data on the tapes so that I can restore the needed files?  We are using NetBackup 7.5.


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You will need to import the old tapes.

First run phase 1 import for all tapes, then phase 2.

See for step-by-step instructions.

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Wasn't 100% sure that this was a tape inport question, but re-reading I agress with Marianne.

Here is a technote that shows how to do it step by step.