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SLP with a duplication task with a 24x7 window

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Hello to everyone,

Just took over a NetBackup environment with some issues. A ticket is already opened with Veritas but I decided to ask to the community at the same time as it turned out to be helpful in multiple occasions when browsing it.

Do you have any recommendations on using Storage Lifecycle Policies with a Duplication job (following the backup) that has a schedule of a 24x7 window?

The problem we have is the Duplication jobs never ends. Even if the status is at 100%, the Duplication job remain active and there's no activity in the details for days.

Is this the expected behaviour?

I'm used to play with Duplication jobs in specific time window and they usually end but it is the first time I see 24x7. Not that this is required but before changing anything I want to be sure I understand how it works.

Thanks to everyone looking into this post.




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The immediate reaction is that... such specific individual job behaviour would not seem to be normal.  In one of our shops we see reasonable duplications (>1TB) and reasonable AIR replications (>3TB) but they generally don't spend more than a few minutes (to several minutes) finishing up whilst not appearing to do very much.  I do not see unfinished duplication or replication jobs spending hours or days sitting around apparently idle.

But then again, at your site, with your job specifics, with your network topology, with your hardware, with your build, with your config, with your options, with your tuning, with your versions, with your interop matrix... then maybe it is normal at your site given the parameters of your site.

Is there any other job detail that you can share?  Is this a oneoff, or a daily, or weekly, on monthly occurence?  Does it ever eventually work?  Source storage unit type, and target storage unit type?  SAN or LAN or WAN based?  Duplication job size and duration?  Original backup job size and duration (and dedupe rate)?  Version of source storage unit, and version of target storage unit?


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Sounds wrong to me too

  • Look for backup too large to make meaning - e.g file system backup that also backup database files
  • Partial backups that respawn as new full backup every day.
  • Backup that don't dedup all - shouldn't go to MSDP.

In general writing and reading to spinning disk is a really bad idea as performance will take a serious hit. Configure backup at night and replication in day time. 

The 24*7 replication, is it images from same client ?