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SharePoint 2007 farm DR


Anyone have experience in successfully recreate a SharePoint farm in DR environment from backups?

I went through the documentations and collected bits and pieces of information here and there, but did not have any information about the sequence that make it possible.

If i am to restore everything from scratch using different hardware with no BMR, i think this is the sequence

1. Install and configure OS on all servers
2. Install and configure SQL servers
3. Install SharePoint application on the machine that will host the Central Administration application (also the one that we used to perform backup via SharePoint agent)
4. Create a new Configuration database and attach to it using the SharePoint configuration wizard
5. Install SharePoint application on remaining servers and have them joined to the farm created in point 4.
6. Restore data being backed up using SharePoint agent
7. Restore all system state and hives information to the WFE/APP servers to restore IIS metadata and webpart dlls

Can anyone let me know whether the process is correct?

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Hi, Inputs,


Inputs, anyone?


I am also looking for the same please help!!!

I didnt find any clear documentation about MOSS2007 farm full restore. Please suggest or share if anyone has done complete farm restore using netbackup 6.5.4.\


Re: SharePoint 2007 farm DR


You need to get your sharepoint farm up and up and running before you can restore the sharepoint backup.

There is a scection on page 89 in the Netbackup 7.0 Manual about Sharepoint DR that might be to help.
Please follow link

Here is the steps mentioned:
Reinstall Windows and any Service Packs or Hotfixes.
Restore System State from the backup image.
Reinstall SharePoint Server. and any Service Packs.
Restore the Configuration database.
Whenyou restore the Configuration database, restore it individually and before
any other object in the farm.
Restore all SQL databases.
Bring the Web Application(s) or portal(s) online.
From a SharePoint front-end server, restore each Web Application or portal separately.
The front-end server is the client name that you specified in the MS-SharePoint backup policy.
Wait for SharePoint to initialize storage for the Search Index.
This may take a few minutes to occur, after you have started a newly recovered
Web Application or portal.
Restore the Search Index.
I also did a search in technet and found white paper using stsadm that might be to help.

I hope this helps.