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Some time vmoprcmd -d does show any tape drive on media server.

Level 3

Netbackup ver: 8.1.1 on Linux

Over the weekend we have observed the netbackup is able to see the drive. OS shows drive present.

vmoprcmd and robtest doesn't work.

Had to restart netbackup master server to resolve the issue.

Has anyone faced similar issue.

Not errors in messages file.

Let me know which log file needed to be checked in Netbackup.


Level 5

Just noticed you are running 8.1.1 which has gone into extended support as of 28/06/2022. Might be time to think about upgrading you version, unless your company has purchased extended support. Are you using persistent bindings?

Level 3

We are in middle to update to 9.1.1. Need to resolve the current issue that is been faced.