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Unable to validate credentials if the password exchange account has a "space" on it

Level 6

Hi guys,

I opened a case but there is no response from the technician, I trying to validate an account for an exchange server in NetBackup console.

The password has a blank space at the end of the string so every time I click ok to validate a received an error like this "Windows error 1326. Please verify the user name and password (417)".

Does anyone know how to solve this, I checked this account using RDP at works fine.


Level 6
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Maybe its just me but i find it quite strange to want to include a space in a password. A lot of the code I’ve ever seen (Which is noy a lot) would trim trailing spaces from strings. That means it would automatically drop that space as part of normal operation.

It would be easier to request the owner to change the password than to have the code updated.

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usually special letters require some sort of escaping in Unix/Linux, so try enclosing the password with either ' ' or " " to see if this work in your case.

Personally I would change the password :)