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Upgrading NetBackup 7.6.1 to 8.3

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Hi Experts,

Please see below queries if you have experienced this:

One Customer has NetBackup is 7.6.1 but running in Windows 2008 R2.

Their questions are - If we upgrade the NetBackup edition to 8.3, will the 2008 R2 OS be upgraded first and what could be the impact?

Or should new install (new windows 2016 or 2019) is advisable?


Thank you very much!




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Hello @leandro_dalit 

NetBackup Master Server is not supported  on Windows 2008 R2.  So its not easy to complete this upgrade. Here is the best upgrade path i can think of.

1. Perform in place upgrade from 7601 to 8.1.2 on Windows 2008R2.

2. Build a new Server (Phy or VM) on Windows 2016) keeping Master Server hostname same and netbackup version (8.1.2).

3. Perform a Catalog Recovery.

4. Upgrade to


As per SORT (, NetBackup 7.6 went out of support on 2017-01-31. So, you/your client is on their own for the upgrade.

It will have to be a multiple step upgrade, considering that Windows 2008 R2 is not supported and that all versions till NetBackup 8.0 are EOSL currently.

Check the SCL checker It shows that 7.7.x versions are supported on Windows 2008 R2. So first upgrade NetBackup to 7.7.3, then go for OS upgrade to 2012 R2 (you will need to choose the way to upgrade the OS - I suggest, get new hardware, install new OS, use your method to "migrate" NetBackup and data to new hardware or use Catalog recovery as @pats_729 mentioned). Once you are on 7.7.3/Windows 2012 R2, upgrade NetBackup to whichever version that you require (don't forget that security certificates will be required from version 8.1).  Then plan to upgrade OS to  2016 or 2019.

PS: 8.3 goes EOSL in July 2024, best to upgrade to 9.x.


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hi @leandro_dalit 

Depending on size of environment and retentions, building a new environment and move the client to the new environment will be a more controlled and failsafe solution that "big bang upgrades" that nobody likes, and will fail unless upgrades has been tried in lab first.