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Upgrading from 7.x to 10.x

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Is it possible to upgrade directly from a 7.x environment to 10.x?  This is a small setup with a single tape library and only 3 servers getting backed up.    I have checked out the upgrade portal docs and its just alot of info.  I was curious since due to how small the setup is if its just as a simple as running the 10 installer and it will upgrade since its not a very large setup.  

I would just start over but our requirements mandate we keep a full year of tapes and i was hoping to not try and do some sort of migration of it all.


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According to this site it is doable. Do some reading prior going there, take hot catalog backup, etc... Cover your back ;)

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It seems doable; but if I were in your position, I would choose to take some steps.

  • if you are lower that 7.7.3 go to 7.7.3. This is the first "supported starting point". All netbackup components must be upgraded. This is mandatory.
  • The next step will be 8.2 or 8.3 to start using certificates and convert the deduplication database. Not all systems but only master/media servers.
  • Next upgrade to 10.1.1. This is the last "sybase" version of netbackup. You may skip 8.2, but I strongly suggest to upgrade to 10.1.1
    You may choose to stop upgrading at this version. This is the last supported version of opscenter.
  • last go for 10.2 or 10.3. For this upgrade you must check the upgrade guide thoroughly as there are many changes in netbackup.

Whatever version you choose to go, these are your friends