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VxUpdate Command nbrepo.exe -a Failed

Level 3
Hello, When I run the nbrepo -a command to add the package, I get the following message: install_path\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\>nbrepo.exe -a C:\Util\vxupdate_nbclient_8.1.2_redhat_x64.sja Adding package to the repository. This may take a few minutes... Error: Package repository location does not exist. Can you help me?

Level 6
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Maybe this is a stupid question ....

Have you double-checked the contents of  C:\Util\ ? 
Is the size and checksum of the file correct? 

Hello Marianne,

I did check the contents of C: \ util. I used this same * .jsa package in my approval environment and it worked.

Level 6
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If it worked in another environment, then you need to carefully compare the 2 environments to see what is different.
Difficult to say without seeing what you have in C:\Util on this master.
Or maybe related to UAC?

You can try to check 'admin' log - provided that the log folder exists on the master under ...\netbackup\logs.
I suggest logging level 3.