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Where does the logging of frozen tapes go? (

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I must have missed something recently. I just gone to from 6.5.2 to on my master.

And I have been seeing no FREEZING media messages in my problem report of late and yet there are tapes that are being frozen.

I just tested a manual FREEZE and UNFREEZE and have checked bptm log files, syslog entries, problem report output - nothing; these were the usual locations to get these messages.

Yes I do see associated TAPE ALERT messages relating to the tapes,and obviously meeting critieria they have become FROZEN but no actual FREEZING messages are output anywhere I have looked.

Where have these messages gone.?

I am sure these messages appeared at the lowest level of VERBOSE.

Anyone else not seeing these. Or am I looking in the wrong area.



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Please examine Media Log in Reports section of NetBackup GUI

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Afraid I'm not seeing anything in there. When I perform a Freeze from the GUI as a test, and then subsequently Unfreeze, I see no entries to log this activity - in the Media Log report.

Anyone else test this/experience this

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 Here is a helpful technote that includes how to determine why a tape was frozen

DOCUMENTATION: How to troubleshoot frozen media on UNIX and Windows

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Have you tried to launch report just after you froze a tape?

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Have you tried to launch report just after you froze a tape?

- Yes thats exactly what I'm doing
- manual FREEZE
- pause for a minute
- manual UNFREEZE
- and I have even checked back now 15 hours later and nothing in the Media Log Report, syslog, bptm

Media I am FREEZING is on assigned to my master

Admin Console (Windows)
Master (HPUX 11.23 IA64)

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ok, try to launch available_media script. It will give you entire information on your media.

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I never looked at the Media Log Report for my frozen media before so I don't know if it shows up there.

I always look for my frozen media in the Tape Summary Report (verbose mode)

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We are getting frozne tapes from one of our media servers as well. Nothing in the bptm logs or syslog.log.   We have opened a case with symantec to assist.  Currently we are at 6.5.3 Master server is HP-UX 11.23 (IA64), and two media servers both HP-UX11.11  aslo at 6.5.3 for netbackup.  We use ACSLS to control our robotics.  So far the engineer assinge our case has indicated that it we are getting media timeouts when mounting a tape. I can see through ACS that the tape in question does get mounted but he bakup never starts.  I'm thinking a communications problem somewhere either from ACS or form netbackup.

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 NetBackup Operations Manager also has a media frozen alert so you can get an email or SNMP alert when the media is frozen. I'm all for command lines and log scraping, but this might be easier. NetBackup Operations Manager is free and is available to monitor any NetBackup release after 6.0MP5.

imagebrowser imageAlert for Frozen Media

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Try this
Media Management> Media>Robots>tld0

you will see all the media under that robots, right click on one of them and go to Columns>layout

in the Column layout  you will find a heading named media status, move that heading to top, somewhere to 4/5 place... then try freezing the tapes, you will see the media status as frozen.

or else use Bpmedialist under \\installpath\NetBackup\bin\admin

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We had a frozen tape during weekend, so I thought about this question in the forum a while ago.

I checked the bptm log on the Media server - no
I checked the admin log on the Master server - no
But then I found the message in the error log (and yes I have only the 0 logging level enabled)

# pwd

# cat log_* | grep -i freezing
1239475677 1 132 16 server_xyz 2835460 2835450 0 client_abc bptm FREEZING media id L21234, it is write protected and cannot be used for backups

(I replaced the NBU Master server name and the client name with something fake)

It gives you the timestamp of when the tape was frozen, as well as cause.

# bpdbm -ctime 1239475677
1239475677 = Sat Apr 11 11:47:57 2009

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Hi, i have the same problem, but in my case I have a report with NOM. I need to solve why our media server put on the tape in status frozen, please see the next message when i execute the command bperror

2/15/2009 11:42:47 crcgesms03 -  TapeAlert Code: 0x12, Type: Warning, Flag:
                    DIRECTORY CORRUPTED ON LOAD, from drive STK.T10000B.000
                    (index 6), Media Id 036174.

Anybody have a idea?


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you really should start a new thread for your question.

12 Unsupported Format I You have tried to load a cartridge of a type which is not supported by this drive. Attempted loaded of unsupported tape format, e.g. DDS2 in DDS1 drive

 152 SSC2
    153 0x12
    154 Tape directory corrupted on load
    155 Warning
    156 The tape directory on the tape cartridge has been corrupted. File\
    157 search performance will be degraded. The tape directory can be\
    158 rebuilt by reading all the data on the cartridge.
    159 Tape drive powered down with tape loaded, or permanent error\
    160 prevented the tape directory being updated.

Bad tape!

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right, use available_media and create script and run it every day, it'll email to you if it has any frozen tape