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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Important OST Info with Quantum DXi Appliances / SLPs

Hello All I found this out yesterday. If using OST with certain storage providers (im my infrastructure Quantum DXi) there can be a hard coded CPU thread limit for Optimised duplications. On the DXI range this is 8. Any more than 8 Optimised duplicat...

NetBackup license for DB and standard client

Hi, my master server is NBU 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2. We are going to have a few new DB servers (MS SQL, SAP, etc.) and plan to buy new license. My question is: Do I need to buy standard client license for these DB servers beside the DB agent license? ...

liuyang by Level 6
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Clearing down errors from the logs

Hi, Just to check - but is there any way to mark failed jobs as 'fixed or resolved' without deleting the log entry from the Activity Monitor ? It seems odd to me that I can't just acknowledge a failed job to clear it from the Topology diagram.

Resolved! How to Auto Vault after backup/duplication jobs have finished

Hi, My current setup is backup to disk and then duplicate from disk to tapes. After all duplication jobs are finished, we manually start the Vault policy to do a catalog backup and eject the tapes for Iron mountain. Duplication happens through the st...

vksingh by Level 4
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Resolved! Error code 84 with diffrent tape drives

Hi ,              We are getting error code 84 with our env. We have clenaed tape drives to to elimate this error still error persist. Kindly find the below error logs of three diffrent backups. we are having 4 tape drives, and this  error happening ...

Resolved! Netbackup Liveupdate error code 11

Hi, I'm just setting up my first LiveUpdate system.  I've dropped the x86, 64bit and linux files onto a webserver, and I've successfully one 32bit update and one 64bit windows updates against two test machines. I just tried to run a 32bit update agai...

Resolved! how to know the size of the data that we are going to restore?

hello, i have a general Netbackup..for both Unix and windows enviornment... i would like to know the size of the data(file system/directory) that i am going to start the restore...? i mean ...i need to find the size of the before i sta...

RamNagalla by Moderator
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Resolved! NBAC 7.1 Solaris - root being denied

Hello everyone,   I currently have a case opened (for any Symantec rep, its case #: 415-215-656) to figure out why the root user id and password on the Solaris 10 netbackup master is being denied during bpnbat login. The Netbackup master server has e...

SSO - EMM interface initialisation failed, status = 334

I have NetBackup 7.1 on Windows 2008 and having an issue with my SAN media servers (SSO) i.e. facing “EMM interface initialisation failed, status = 334” error.  Scenario is as follows;  The master is a media server as well (Windows 2008) has 2 NICs w...

Itegral by Level 6
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Backups failing for a particular mount point alone

Hi everyone... A scheduled backup is failing for a particular mount point alone on a system running solaris 10 & it was working fine previously. If i restart the failed backup after peak hours, the backup is successful. Netbackup is version 6.5 on bo...

Need best backup practice for oracle backup

Hii Everyone... We are taking rman backups on disk & then we transfer them to tape using veritas. For this, policy has been created with two schedules differential for daily basis & full for weekends. Full backups alone run for a longer time as this ...

How to use removable disks to do backups

Hello, I just installed a new server, with windows 2008R2, and this DELL machine has a removable disk unit I have installed the Symantec Net Backup porgram I would like to backup the D disque of the server every evening (after 7pm, when all the worke...

yves67 by Level 3
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Single VCB backup failing (snapshot error encountered - 156)

My environment: NBU 7.0.1  on server 2k8 sp2  - vSphere and vCenter 4.1.0   bpfis for one backup attempt:   08:54:11.245 [7972.6976] <2> logparams: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bpfis.exe create -nbu -owner NBU -id rex.xxxxxxx.xxxxxx_1316534...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup windows client install: no contents on C:\

Hello everyone,   My question follows in two parts.   1. How can we enforce Netbackup to install ALL of its binaries and data to a separate drive letter & directory? Even though we specify D:\ for installs, we still end up with some data being instal...

bpbrm logging and AD backups

Hi, Netbackup : Simple question to start with - how do I enable logging for the bpbrm process??  i've created the C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\bpbrm folder on the client.. and I pushed General and Verbose logging to 2 and 5 on the ...

NetBackup Lab Set Up

Hello NetBackup Experts ! How do I set up a NetBackup lab environment in my office for my colleagues to practice on this Backup Product. What are the steps or processes involved in getting this done, which is similar to the lab exercise that we do wh...

Resolved! How to move a defect tape from one volume pool to another?

Hi,   I am running Symantec NetBackup version 7.0.1 on my backup servers. I have a HCART tape that has been frozen several times and now I would like to disable the tape and move it to a Volume Pool called "defect".   My question is now, how do I mov...