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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Hi, I have a probelm with my environment,   I have one master server/Media Server with Red Hat 5.4 64 bits and a client with Windows Server 2008 R2 running Exchange 2010 SP1. I configured the policy for backup GRT from my exchange database, but the j...

Resolved! System state restore via VCB or vStorage API

Greetings Assuming I have a virtual machine, which is being backed up via VCB or vStorage API. Backup selection is ALL LOCAL DRIVES. In this case, the System State is being backed up as well. Is it possible to restore just the System State for such b...

MohdAlim by Level 5
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NBU 6.5.5 Persistent Binding

Hi My NBU is 6.5.5 and I have a HPUX master server and a redhat 5 linux media server with 2.6 kernel. I zoned a vtl with drives to the Media Server and would like to know how can I use persistent binding with NBU. Do I just use the /dev/nst# devices ...

bombcan by Level 3
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Solaris Zone Installation

Solaris 10 Netbackup is already install in Global Zone. I have to install netbackup in zone sperately to take hot database backup and global zone OS backup as well. I was reading document

SAP backup using backint fails

Good day I have an SAP Oracle system on Solaris installed with Netbackup client for SAP.  The backup fails and the following errors are found in /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/backint:   12:37:42.575 [24476] <4> getOwnerAndGroup: Entering. 12:37:42.575 [...

Wilhelm by Level 3
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Windows 2008 Vmware backup issues

Netbackup 7.0 – Window 2003 Server VMware 4.1 - Netbackup backing up Vms using Vstorage API We’re having a few issues with our new VMware Windows 2008 guests locking up occasionally during the snapshot process of the backup.  The system event log sho...

AlGon by Level 6
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Resolved! vmware credential validation failure

Hi, are there anyone have an idea about this problem, l check the credential is valid on vcenter but the netbackup validation failed ;             11:13:52.357 [4164.7416] <2> logparams: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bpVMutil.exe 512 _NONE_...

emret by Level 6
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Single-pass backup Hyper-V Document states that single-pass backup of virtual machines will enable GRT , but i don't see the posibility to ...

JustM by Level 3
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Sobre LibAttach version 1.4.2

Como estan todos? El presente es para consultarles acerca del LibAttach version 1.4.2, quisiera saber si me pueden indicar donde lo puedo descargar. Ya que lo requiero para la configuracion de un media server y me recomendaron este software para opti...

Installation of NBU for VMware ESXi server 4.1.3.

Hi, We have NBU 6.5 on HP Unix 11.23. CPU - IA64. Currently the NBU takes backup of the following:- 1. Oracle Database - Oracle on HPUX 11.23. 2. Flat file of Linux system and windows server. NBU take the backup on a Tape Librery. We want ...

Tape usage in Netbackup

Hi,   I have few question on tape usage in netbackup. 1. How to find the available space in media to schedule jobs or to check whether the scheduled jobs complete with available tapes or requires additional. 2. If the jobs shares 2 media because of s...

Query on Data Classification

Hi,   Can anyone tell me about data classification and how can we used this. How it will be useful in production environment. It is creating confusion for me.   Regards, Ravi Kumar. L

Netbackup Licensing- Basics please

Hello Everyone , I’m very new to this site so please pardon me if some of my actions seem dumb .   I was wondering if someone out there could please give me a breakdown on how exactly Netbackup 6.5 Licensing please .   I searched the net but for some...

Jpw1 by Level 2
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Apple XSAN backup

Hi, We have  a new requirement to backup 80TB of XSAN cluster file system  reside on Promise storage. This data is attached to MAC servers. Netbackup so far , does not support this file system or SAN backup on MAC . So , I planing is to share this 80...

Resolved! netbackup 7.1 Master and client version

Hi   What is the minimum netbackup client version can i use if my netbackup master is 7.1. 6.x or 5.x?   Regards demo4119

demo4119 by Level 6
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Drives going in retrieving status mode on media server

Hi , all the drives on my media server are going in " retrieving status mode". I am unable to stop netbackup services on media server , however i tried killing processes and restarting the processes , but that didint helped either. The master is on N...

Sunny09 by Level 2
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Resolved! How to get Network Operation Manager for NB 6.5

Hello... I need to assign some users to monitor NB.  I learned that the NOM is best for that.Now how do I get the NOM for netbackup 6.5 which we purchased from Sun OEMed. We can't find the software in DVDs. Is it part of the package? or do we have to...

unixlife by Level 4
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NetBackup 7.1 with Red Hat EL 6.1

I've installed NetBackup 7.1 on two Red Hat 6.1 servers (running as Virtual Machines).  I can't get the media server to connect to the master on the deignated ports.  The Installation Guide states that Red Hat requires server networking?  Does anyone...

Resolved! Getting NetBackup master clustered

Getting NetBackup master server clustered used to be supported by Symantec consultant team but now Symantec got rid of Symantec consultant department in Australia, so anyone knows who supports this work(get NBU master clustered) now?  The company tha...

joe_guo by Level 3
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