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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! AIX GPFS file systems and netbackup support

Only thing I found was about a year ago concening gpfs.  Has there been any changes in the support of these file systems.  We're getting error 13's on multiple systems, all for the same mount point.  My gut feeling is NBU cannot deal with the file lo...

js88699 by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup 7 PureDisk disk pool size

We are currently running Netbackup 7 on Windows 2003, and set up 2TB disk to test the dedup disk pool. We like how it is running and would like to move all of our servers in to it, but need more space. In the past with AdvancedDisk you could create 2...

How to report job restarts, NBU 6.5

Hey, Is there a way to get a report of, or create an output of, each time a backup job has to restart (regardless of why it has to restart)? While monitoring the Activity Monitor, I frequently see jobs that have "failed" and be re-queued...but once t...

Resolved! RE: activity job monitor

  Hi Team, I am using NBU 6.5.4 on linux   My old backup jobs are not showing in the activity monitor, they are replaced but I want those information because I need to report my team   any one know how can I get the info of old backups (as they appea...

EV powershell script for set and clear mode

When i run the set script for index and vault store, i will take about 3 to 4 min for the script to complete successful which is abnormal. Normally i can run the set script less than one minute. Is my script cofnigure wrongly? Please advise.    C:\Wi...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Netbackup Socket Error

Good Morning All,   I have Netbackup 6.5.4 server (windows server 2003 standard OS) and all clients (one client is windows server 2003 standard another is 2008) are at the same level.  A couople of weeks ago 2 of the 35 servers this machine backs up ...

mrtba by Level 4
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Resolved! Tape Drives have the wrong name

I am doing a consolidated VMWARE backup using a proxy windows server. I had 12 drives assigned on a EMC DL3D for use. They show up on the proxy server as IBM ultrium tape drives. I assigned 6 more tape drives from the DL3D. They are also IBM ultrium ...

Resolved! Steps to Uninstall Netbackup for Oracle agent

Hi All, I need to install Netbackup for Oracle agent on one of our solaris server. For that i need to know the backout plan. How can i uninstall the agent which was installed just in case if we landed in trouble during the installation or after insta...

Resolved! Basic Disk cleanup.

netbackup version: 6.5.5 OS version HP-UX 11.23  IA64 I have a basic disk that is not starting an image cleanup when it reaches the highwater mark.  Does anyone know if there is a  command to issue to get an image cleanup to run for the disk? 

Resolved! network protocol error (39)

I get this error when i run the command vmoprcmd -d on my media server. what could be wrong? Also the tape drives are in AVR state instead of TLD. I am running Netbackup 6.5.6. My master server is running Sles 11 and my media server has AIX 5.3.

NDMP incrementals same size as full backups

NBU 6.5.5 I'm backing up some mirror destinations on a NAS box. My incremental backups are the same size as my full backups. I've read something about configuring the 'ignore_ctime' to avoid this. I've configured on the NAS boxes, do I need to stipul...

dunno by Level 4
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Resolved! change volume pool for catalog backup

Hi experts Now, we have policy for catalog backup And now we are going to change the volume pool for catalog backup, but just one policy volume pool in this How can we change it?   Thanks

pruvn by Level 5
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Netbackup 7 vs VMware vdr for backing up VM's

We currently use netbackup 6.5 for file level and NDMP tape/disk backups.  We are going to upgrade to Netbackup 7 and are considering purchasing additional licensing to support our vSphere infrastructure of approximately 200 VM's across 12 hosts.   C...

195 by Level 3
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Resolved! Moving UNIX clients to new Windows NBU 7.0 Master Server

Windows NBU 6.5.5 Master, HP-UX 11.31 clients and Linux 2.5.21 clients.  I want to retire the Windows NBU 6.5.5 server and move the clients to a new Windows NBU 7.0 Master server.  The Windows clients moved over with no problem.  I couldn't bring up ...

rsamora by Level 5
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Netbackup 7 V-storage Browse operation

Hello,   does anyone know the detailed mechanics of how this browse operation works? Our VMS have production and management ip addresses - when I look in the cache file some VMs return production address, some VMs return managment addreses and some r...

gustav by Level 5
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EV SQL database Transcation log unable to transcute after full backup

When i did a full backup using Netbackup MS SQL Script with Transaction Log on the Enterprise Vault Database like EV directory , monitoring and Vault storage ....... I found that the transcation logs are backed up but no transcuted . is this normal ?

demo4119 by Level 6
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How is Multiple streams initiated?

Hi, I'm wondering how the multiple streams is initiated? For example is stream 1 always initiated first? The reason for my question is that I'm developing some bpstart and bpend scritpts.  I use the STREAM_COUNT and STREAM_NUMBER variables to have th...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.x Bandwidth Trottling

Netbackup bandwidth trottling is limited to 10000KB, i.e 10MB/s - this is by design. Can this limit not be increased to compensate for newer technology, or does changing changing the registry/bp.conf setting do the trick- My scenario is backing up ex...

Partner Accredited Certified
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Adaptive server anywhere service starts and stops.

When I try to start the service, I get the message "The Adaptive Server Anywhere - VERITAS_NB service on Local Computer started and then stopped.  when I check the eventvwr, I get the following message; The description for Event ID ( 1 ) in Source ( ...