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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Question on Catalog backups on tape

Netbackup – Hot Catalog If I take a catalog backup on Tuesday Morning – I get a tape with the catalog backup- I remove and send it off site with the tapes. If I take a catalog backup Saturday Morning, and again Sunday Morning, and aga...

Resolved! New tapes going in Netbackup pool instead of scratch pool

I am putting new tapes in place of FULL tapes in a Tape Library, so to get all new available tapes in scratch tapes the procedure I am following is as below. - 1. Manually taking out FULL tapes from FULL_Backup volume pool 2. Putting New available ...

Neat Feature (or not)?

We set up a schedule to run out monthly backups every 4 weeks on saturdays and retain for a year.  This was done in a single policy for 6 clients. They ran GREAT once a month during a large scheduled window! Then all of a sudden they ran better! We d...

gtlinc by Level 2
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Resolved! NB6.5 bpimagelist encryption value

I am working on a script to report detailed info on backups, and am confused about the value returned by "bpimagelist -l" for the encryption field in an IMAGE record.  The latest doc I found ( says valu...

Scheduled backup for Exchange jobs

does any one facing problem in scheduling Exchange database backups; jobs seems to start fine but some jobs are missing. Master server: NetBackup 6.5.3 OS:windows server 2003 client; NetBackup 6.5.2 Exchange: Exchange server 2003 backup selection : ...

Resolved! system error occurred(130)

Hi there! Recently, I have the need to restore a couple of files to the Filer via NDMP, and upon the restart process I get these errors: 4/20/2009 2:10:53 PM - begin Restore 4/20/2009 2:10:54 PM - end Restore; elapsed time: 00:00:01 system error oc...

db_FLISTsend failed: invalid command usage (144)

Hi there! I've searched through this website and found a similar topic except that the Filer is very much different. I have a SUN NAS 5320 running on the latest 4....

Resolved! drives serial numbers mismatch

I'm using NetBackup 5.1 with SSO option (planning to upgrade to 6.5 very soon). Solaris Master & Linux media servers, FC tape library. Recently I've been getting a bizarre issue with a couple of tape drives not being usable on the master, while they...

stan56 by Level 4
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fragmented DSSU disk staging Unit

Wanted to know if anyone bothers defragging their disk staging units and if so does it speed your backups up much? to disk or tape? My disk units are 5TB on one server and 16TB on another server so not ideal for defragging. When I checked for fragme...


I am new to using Netbackup and still trying to figure it out. I have Netbackup 6.x and running one Netbackup server with Netbackup clients installed on the servers I am backing up. These are all Win2k3 servers. There is a folder created on my server...

6.5.3 - granular backup - cluster of exchange

Hello,  I've got two Exchange Servers (2003 sp2) in cluster (active/active). I created a policy where I backup Microsoft Information Store (with Document Restore = granular backup) on the both servers ( before I installed nfs services for windows an...

Stev by Level 3
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Backup windows is very large

Dear all, I found my backup windows become more and more larger. It takes over 20 hours to finish a full backup job for around 750GB data. I also found that the my IBM LTO4 tape drive only has 6MB/s - 7MB/s rate to write the data during the full bac...

Resolved! FTL - Couldn't allocation memory, Status 10 (allocation failed)

Our Windows Netbackup Master/Media Server (6.5.3) is trying to back up a 32-bit Linux server client to tape, but for the past several days, we've been getting:   Critical Backup from client <linux client>: FTL - Couldn't allocate memory   Error Back...

Detecting robots but not drives

Hi, i am trying to configure storage devices. while i m trying to configure storage devices by wizard, it detects robots but didn't detect the drives. i m using veritas netbackup 6.5


Can anyone give me the procces document any pdf for the DR activity how to start as a bignner