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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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NetBackup 6.x Wish List

I have been unable to find this, so if anyone can show me my error - please do! What I would like on the Netbackup GUI, is the ability to have a *notes* section on each policy so I can document the method of my madness.  This way, others that will be...

Multiplexing & Striping

NB 6.0 mp5 Windows 2003 Server sp2 My sql2005 backups are to disk.  I wanted to backup directly to tape, but it wouldn't work because each db was creating 5 jobs and I only have 2 tape drives.  I checked the multiplexing and changed it from 5 to 1, b...

NDMP, Px502 - HELP!

Here is what I want to do. We have a quantum px502 that will be hooked up via fiber to a netapp filer. We want to be able to have the netbackup 6.5 server remote to that tape drive and filer. Is it possible to use ndmp to do it? if so, how is this do...

steveb73 by Not applicable
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Bare Metal Restore 6.5

When I try to run a discovery on a Non-Client server. Everytime I configure the job. It prompts me with a "please enter a valid MAC address" I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I know the MAC address is correct. Here is the syntax I am using "XX-XX-XX...

NBU 6.5.1 minor console bug - media pool views ??

Any body else seen this : Changing pools of media is not updated in the GUI console.Moving media from Netbackup -> NEW_POOL  the GUI still has them still netbackup pool.   From the CLI they have moved OK.   The next bit is interesting..... Go to the ...

Jim-m by Level 5
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Unable to cancil job

Hi everybody, Ours is NetBackup 5.1 with MP4. Jobs in our active monitor will stay for 3 days, but a job is in queue since  Nov 5th 2007 and is not getting suspended through GUI and CLI as well. Can any one sugest me the solution for this and tell...

duplication issue

Hi, Suddenly one of my media servers stopped duplicating images to tape library. I tried to re-discover tape drives in NB, it didn't help. I tried to re-discover tape library and tape drives in Windows, hardware was found w/o issues. Tape library is ...

Resolved! Unix Client Error after install

Hey guys has anyone ever seen this before? I assume its due to a missing package, does anyone happen to know what package is missing? telnet localhost bpcdTrying to localhost.localdomain ( character is '^]'.bpcd...

NetBackup 6.5 Freezing tapes, is there a patch ?

I'm seeing NetBackup 6.5 freezing tapes on some of my VTL customers.And in some posts here in the discussion group. Are you seeing this more than normal in 6.5 also ? Is there a patch for it yet ? Thanks,Brent

certified install?

Can someone confirm for me is there really a requirement from Symantec when purchasing Netbackup that it requires a certified install? Can you also confirm that Symantec will not provide you with support if the install has not been certified?

Importing Backup Images

Hello Stumpr,I have a question about importing backup images.I have 12 backup tapes that have images that were backed up using Netbackup 4.6 and I believe MP4. These tapes have expired. They were used back in May and June of 2005. I am trying to impo...

Can't restore images older than one year after catalog restore

We restored our catalog from hot catalog backup files to a DR server that has NB 6.5 installed.  The original server is also 6.5.   After the restore I can see all the backups that are on the original server, and I can restore any backed up file that...

TerryD2 by Level 3
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HP MSL6030 Library - One drive keeps going down

I am having an issue with one of my two LTO3 960 drives in our HP library.  We are running Netbackup 6.0 MP3 on a Solaris platform.Our jobs are still running on Drive 1 (or 0, according to HP), but when a job is submitted to Drive 2, it tries to load...

Strange Oracle backups

 Hello,In our NetBackup environment we intensively use RMAN scripts to backup Oracle instances. Currently we backupup over 70 Oracle instances. We have suddenly noticed a strange and puzzling. thing. If Full or Incremental backupjob that backs up Ora...

SOLARIS: Error nbjm(pid=2624) NBU status: 800

I have one windows2003 server runs as master server, one windows2000 runs as a test client server and two solaris 5.7 running db application as clients. After replacing a tape drive in the HP MSL6030, I tried to make tests through windows2000 client ...

Netbackup Encryption

Hi,Is there anyway we can check a specific media or probably the image is encrypted? Netbackup 6.0 in windows 2003. Thanks in advance.

Ryan_2 by Level 3
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CatBackup and CatRestores

Can someone tell me why the EMM_DATA.db is always locked?  When migrating 4.5, 5.0 or 5.1 to new hardware, I just set all services to manual, restarted master server, copied "Netbackup\db", "Netbackup\var", and "Volmgr\Database" to the new server.  N...

Back up a NAS device via Windows mapped drive?

I'm trying to back up data on a NAS device which is mapped on a Windows 2003 server.  When I run the backup, I get status 71 (none of the files in the list exist).  I currently back up data on a STK D280 frame just fine this way....any suggestions?  ...

question for advance client for exchange server

Hi All, I have a request to utilize flash backup for exchange server 2003. I am using netbackup v5.1mp5 and I checked out netbackup for exchange server doc and found below limitations & notes: ---------------------------------------------------------...

redfox by Level 3
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Mac OS X backup - strange Error

Hey guys, I backup a mumber of Mac's and one of them errors out with this error:Repeat this alot12/19/2007 1:26:09 AM - Warning bpbrm(pid=22669) from client templar: WRN - Cannot read message from stdin. Errno = 34: Result too large12/19/2007 1:26:09...