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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! How to know how many times a cleaning media has been used?

Hello everyone. Good afternoon. How to know how many times a cleaning media has been used? It's just that when I joined the company the tapes were already here. At Netbackup, I have 50 remaining cleanings. But I do not know if this information is onl...

CIFS backup failure using Windows 2008!

We are backing up CIFs files shares (on EMC Celerra) through UNC. We believe the problem is related to this article: . Although the errors we’re seeing doesn’t exactly follow the description in ...

SLP Status from ops center

Hi All,We have created a report for replication status in ops-center. This report tells us the status of SLP in given period of time.We need details of SLP which are not completed for a given period of time, currenytly we are getting number of SLP wh...

Netbackup upgrade

Hi All,Hope you are all doing fine.OK, I am oracle Apps DBA but looking after Netbackup. I am still a novice in Netbakup.Finally I have to try upgradig my Netbackup software from to latest version(I think 8.0)And also Netbackup Appliance 5230...

Resolved! Windows Multi data streams backup for the same windows drive letter

I have a simple question which I couldn't reach any answer for itI understand that during the windows backup policy which has Allow multiple data streams configured a specific backup job will be created for each drive letter for example if we have 3 ...

Looks like PDF manuals are going away

The Support Page redesign appears to be eliminating the PDF version of the manuals.  They now open in a unresizeable view that has a ton of wasted whitespace and is very confusing to navigate.  Also gone (or at least hidden) is the really nice "here'...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Netbackup data forecast

Can someone provide me method for data forecasting in Netbackup . We have msdp and tape library in our environment  . I need to provide details so that additional disk/tape space can be bought .We have also configured AIR also

Pangal by Level 5
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RMAN backup to tape is failing with error code 6 and code 29

Hi All,We are configuring the backup to tape using RMAN. We are testing the backups,but are facing the issue.We could able to run Increment backup successful,whereas Full backup is failing with error code 6 and code 29.I have checked the script and e...

Vinutha by Level 0
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SQL Restore Error

Hi friends,Help me please.2017-07-25 12:10:39 PM - begin Restore2017-07-25 12:10:41 PM - 1 images required2017-07-25 12:10:41 PM - media TF1100 required2017-07-25 12:10:43 PM - restoring image ss-byslog.anadolu.com_13700304212017-07-25 12:10:45 PM - ...

Net-backup service start

Do we have any option to start the netbackup client service from master server , as frequently our client server is getting restarted and the netbackup client service requires a manual start .Although i set the client service in automatic mode only.

Media server -- Drive not visible when i run vmoprcmd command

Hi,Need your help . We have a master/ media server on LINUX with NBU version 6.5 . I am not able to bring UP a drive . It says :oprd returned abnormal status (96)IPC Error: Daemon may not be runningHere are the logs :#############################[roo...

Krishma by Level 4
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Resolved! media multiplexing

i am duplicating images from tape to disk and getting 20-30 GB/Hour. These are LTO 4 tapes and duplicating them to advanced disk.If these tapes are multiplexed will it imact the duplication ?I see in tape report that they were multiplexed but doesn't...

raffl by Level 4
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Vault - Duplication

I have duplicated the data to disk as per the below but now want to duplicate that data to new library. have done the phase 1 and phase 2 import of the images and setup the vault...

raffl by Level 4
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Is Windows NetBackup Java Admin Console traffic encrypted?

master v8.0 on AIX 7.1console NetBackup Java Admin Console on Windows 2012 R2..Does anyone know for definite either way whether the embedded data with the TCP packets  for all NetBackup Java Amdin Console traffic is auto-encrypted?   i.e. rendering p...

sdo by Moderator
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Full System restore

Hello ,I need to restore a windows 2k8 R2 server from full backup .1.Can i restore the C:\ and system state first with overwrite option in one short?or2. First restore C:\ and other Drives without overwrite and later restore system state with overwir...

NBU status: 830, EMM status: No drives are available

Hello,I have the following error when the duplication begin.The error occurred on Friday and since then I'm struggling to fix it.In device monitor the drive is up and running.Now the disk pool is full and I get many duplication errors.NBU status: 830...