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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Exchange 2016 with CU3

Hi ThereOur Exchange team is on the current CU3 of Exchange 2016, we have problems with the Netbackup since this statusInfo bpresolver /pid=25468) done. status: 2Error bpbrm (pid = 999) You can not use the BackupDirectory for Database Availability Gr...

scherrm by Level 2
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Tape Library Configurations - Best Practices

Hello,I've configured the below in my environement lately:- 4 Media Servers (A,B,C,D) with A being master as well. Each media server has its own PureDisk storage and connected to 3 TLs as below.- 3 Tape Libraries (X, Y, Z with 4,2,1 drives respective...


hello I need make encryption to tapes slpmy slp duplicated the tapes of my library, this tapes of the duplication are going to external custodyexample:I have two tapes in my library, my slp duplicated this tapes and this go to custodyI need configura...

NBU Auto Image Replication

I am trying to setup auto image replication between 2 NBU master servers (2 separate NBU domains).  When I attempt to create my storage server using the storage server configuration wizard, it creates the storage server successfully then moves to cre...

StorageServer1.png StorageServer2.png Change-StorageServer.png

NDMP Backups failing for NetApp shares, Status 99

My office maintains a backup server (Windows Server 2008R2) and tape library for disaster recovery; we use NetBackup to manage the backups. I inherited this system about a year ago, so my knowledge is limited, though I'm working on it. I work...

Resolved! NetBackup - Tape level Encryption

Team,In my current Netbackup environment. Encryption is enabled at the tape library level Encryption.Encryption Key Server type is “Q-EKM”. This was configured long back when I was not with this environment and present the people who were configured ...

Vamsi1 by Level 5
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VM backups failing with error code 84

Hello All,In our environment we have many Linux master servers.  The VMbackups are getting failed with EC 84 for few vm clients daily ( not the same list daily but different list).  It happens only when the VM is getting migrated from one ESX to anot...

Data Domain IP address change Storage Server Unavailable

Hi, I changed the IP address of the Data Domain. Now the Storage Server is not working and the DDbost advianced disk pool I have created is unavailable. Even though the DataDomain and the Media server can communicate with each other on an OS level. N...

Bp.Conf File

what is the use of "Bp.Conf File" ?what is does actually?where its located? 

aknn by Level 2
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Rerunning Oracle backup policy

Hi,I have 1 oracle polciy with 1 client and multiple rman script in the backup selection, because the server has many database in it. instead of one Policy for one DB, we configured in this is my question:if i want start backup of any on...

Tape Library Partitioning

Hi dear all,First at all I discribe our environment, we have a NBU master server with more than 50 media server connected to Scalar i6000 directly, each media server has own storage unit, for isilon (NDMP) backup H need new tape library or new partit...

ability to create client accessible VSS snapshots?

Hello,when you create Shadow Copies on a Windows client by means of OS (for example, via Configure Shadows Copies in a Volume Properties), then the created Shadows Copies are visible, browseable and restorable in Windows Explorer (by "Restore previou...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! Restore RMAN Backup from Tape to Disk

Hi All,We are currently working to document refreshing a test environment using RMAN backup from tape. Unfortunately, we're having difficulty restoring the backup from tape to disk. Is there any documentation for this?Thank you..

Several tape libraries connect to one media server

HiIn our datacenter, we have 4 tape libraries IBM TS3100 connect to the 4 different server. This 4 server main function are for ERP database server, but we also utilize it as media server. Can we simplify the netbackup architecture using only one ded...

Netbackup Cloudstore service will not start on media servers.

HelloI am receiving a 1067 error “service will not start on my media server "all of them”. Netbackup Cloudstore service will not start.This means right now only the Master server is performing backups to the AWS cloud…I am currently at 7.7.3 and my e...

md147 by Level 3
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