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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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(219) the required storage unit is unavailable

I am getting this error when I want to make backups. 1. I did run this command   nbstlutil stlilist -image_incomplete -U    Getting this info     root@erpbkmaster # nbstlutil stlilist -image_incomplete -U Image erprdn01_1334467820 for Lifecycle ...

Hide NBU listening ports to external network

Hi, Recently gotten security advisory, CVE-2015-6550/51/52. One of the recommendation is to hide NBU listening ports to external network. Question is do we apply on clients or both server and client? Please advise. Master/Media server:  Ver 7.6....

kkhoo by Level 5
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Resolved! bppllist powershell parse

I am starting to create a script to create an array or multiple arrays that i can create reports from.   I am not sure of the best way to approach this.  In the example below there are many lines that contain multiple fields all separated by spaces. ...

Unable to consolidate Virtual Machine Disks (Status codes 4275 & 1 )

Anybody else seeing this odd behaviour around VM api backups in NBU7.7.2 it didn't seem to happen in the previous version(s). Since ungrading from NBU to 7.7.2 seeing a reasonable amount of VM consolidation errors ( VM 5.5) the bulk seem to ...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup status code: 10 (Separate media server and client)

I can't seem to run a backup on this W2012 vm (; continously fails with error 10. We have 4 other vm's built the same time, with the same OS, configurations, etc. No issues. We are attempting a MS-Windows type backup. Media and m...

Oracle user backup

Hi  Team, I  am  performimg user backup  from oracle  client  which  completed  successfully  but  not  showing  me  data in catalog. I  could  list  backup  images  through  bplist  command  from  oracle client I  want to know  is  this  expected...

pkatakdound by Level 5
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NetBackup port between master for AIR

In the Port en Firewall reference guide, I can read : Note: If using Auto Image Replication (AIR) for optimized duplication, TCP ports 1556, 10082, and either 10102 (MSDP) or 443 (PDDO) must be open between the NetBackup domains. But if AIR is be...

Gdd by Level 6
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Media Server switching during DR

Hi, I am running NBU on Windows 2012 and i have a Master server in the DR site and 2 media servers (one in production and one in DR). I am thinking a way to switch the media servers to use for backup during DR. My environment: During usual...

vyruzj by Level 2
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Resolved! NBU script not connecting to RMAN, no errors shown

We had scheduled backup using netbackup, for oracle database on Exadata server. There are 3 databases running on 3 different homes on the same Exadata server. All the 3 backups were running fine. The backups for 1 database stopped running after th...

smett by Level 2
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Security Hot Fix! have you done this?

Just got notified of this - anyone implemented it yet? Veritas Technologies LLC has released Security Advisory VTS16-001 affecting all versions of NetBackup and NetBackup Applian...

Genericus by Moderator
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MSSQL Cluster backup - multiple instances with a single script

Hi All,    I am looking for a bit of help backing up a MSSQL Cluster. What we have is a 2 node active/active SQL cluster running two instances of SQL. We are looking to backup both instances using a single script referencing both instances.  The i...

Setting the max concurrent jobs

I have a Quantum DXi disk storage unit, and I have a Quantum Scalar i500 tape library. Starting just a few weeks ago, and it seemed sudden, our jobs started running late into Monday morning. I opened a case with support, but I haven't made any real p...

spitman by Level 5
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failed with status 24 socket write failed

Hi all, I am very new to netback so please help    I keep getting error with satus 24 on my linux client machine, these clients are on our vmware infracstructure.    please see the deatils of the  04/25/2016 20:15:01 - Info nbjm (pid=992) req...

spacegent by Not applicable
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Change Windows version

Hi, this is my first time creating a topic here so bear with me please.. I need to change the Windows version of my NBU server from Windows 2003 32bit to Windows 2008 (32-bit), and I don't know how to backup the NBU database in order to restore it l...