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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! How to delete disk storage unit (Disk type:- Open Storage)?

Hi All, I tried deleting disk storage unit and i.e., disk type is (Open Storage) But I recienving error message as "Storage Unit could not be deleted,status 1536 Storage unit or Storage unit group cannot be deleted beacuse it is referenced in a st...

Netbackup Aceelerator

How can i configure NBU Accelerator and how can i test the NBU Accelerator is working or not in windows Netbackup 7.6, here we have Master server as a media server..please provide some steps..and Backups to disks.    

Bare Metal Restore Question

Dear All, If we perform an image-based BMR (Bare Metal Restore) of a Windows Server 2003 physical box, will Windows or Netbackup prompt the Windows license key upon restore? Or should the image already have the Windows license key already embedded ...

ryau by Not applicable
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Netbackup Client on HP-UX failed to start

Dears,   Good day,   Kindly note we have the error below on HP-UX (HP-UX laurance B.11.11 U 9000/800 113901547 unlimited-user license), and I've tried the below articale but it didn't work ERROR on Netbackup: : "Can't connect to socket" EROOR o...

logs level stuck at high causing disk space to fill

I enabled logging assistant. Once I got the logs I wanted to delete these logging entries in logging assistant. It came up with an error and I couldn't delete it. I had to try many times, shutdown services and then only I was able to delete it. I ch...

AAK by Level 3
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Multiplexing and OST

Hello   How do I make sure that I am not Multiplexing with OST, DDBOOST?   On the Storage Unit I see no multipexing option but there is one in the schedule attribute. Given the wording it seems that Mutiplexig it's only honoured/applied with Medi...

rento by Level 2
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Netbackup and S3

Hello, Has anyone seen this ? I can backup to the amazon cloud fine....I try to perform a test restore and I am not able to locate any backups ? Am I missing any config step ? Anyone have anything to offer ? Thanks, Matt

md147 by Level 3
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"whitespace" problem encounter with client: VM Machine

Hi all: One of our client (VM Machine) is failing with Status code: 4239 "Unable to find the virtual machine...".  What I noticed was that this client contained "whitespaces", i.e.,  USER.USER%20.  The only way to correct this was by deleting the cl...

APinoSr by Level 2
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upgrading to 7.7 (from 7.6)

Hello, I was tasked with upgrading our NetBackup environment to 7.7.2. this is my first time ever upgrading NetBackup so my wish is to consult here on the forum and make sure I understood and know everything I should before I start. Our environment...

gkman by Level 5
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Sales NBU's PPT

Hi all, Could somebody help me sharing Sales Netbackup 7.5 PPT & Netbackup Applians's PPT?'s? In english or Spanish, Thank you very much, Magda

MSaz by Level 2
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Resolved! Linux - Netbackup 6.5.X to 7.5

Hello, I have a master server with 7.7.1 and few other linux and windows clients with 7.5 and 6.5 cleint versions. As a part of upgrade process, I have pithced in to he Linux clients and initated th upgradation through install_clients binary. eveyt...

SAN backup of AIX environment

Hello! I have a number of AIX clients that now backup using LAN. Due to increasing the data flow I would like to implement the backup through SAN environment. I see that the Fiber Transport Media server could be obly Solaris or Linux. Is it true? S...

s390 by Level 2
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Netbackup and EMC Data Domain

Hi, We are planing to install Netbackup 7.7.2 and EMC Data Domain ( "OS: DD2500" ). My query is that can we use Netbackup virtually OR We required physical server ? Considering the performance of backup.  

Resolved! Change media id on and assigned tape

I need some assistance. This tape has data on it. The media id is not correct, it should be AK0119, the barcode is correct. The media has data and an unexpired date. I tried deleting the tape, but since it is assigned, it will not allow me to delet...

Kathe_F by Level 3
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MSDP - storage server down

Running NB 7.7.1 Master is RedHat Media servers are 2012 R2 Media servers access tape drives via fc - no issues. Media servers have luns for MSDP - E: for dedup database and Drive F: for dedup data Drives are showing online and healthy on all me...

Backup task taking too long

Good day dear team.   My concern was that our backup is taking too long, let me explain how its configured.   We have 1 tape per day (mon, tue, wed, thu) with retention period of 7 days Its a Diferencial Incremental Backup We always expire the ...