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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! query on WOFB

Hi All, I need your help in understanding how the WOFB works if we enable that option in the Client Attributes, as per my understanding an VSS snapshot is created before we start the backup(please correct me if I am wrong), if so where those snap sh...

Resolved! When does the media move from Scratch Pool

Hi, I'm using netbackup 7.5 on Solaris and noticed, that the media still remains in the Scratch Pool after used by a policy and only moves to the assigned volume pool later. When and how does this happen?

mpmp by Not applicable
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Resolved! VMware status 23 / 13

Hi, I have some problems with our futur server (W2012R2 // NB7.7 // ALL NB roles). Our goal is to save everything (windows, linux, ndmp, vmware client) on a local puredisk storage unit (we have licence for all of this). My first question is... is-...

G_D_ by Level 3
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We are facing issue while BMR restoration

We are doing BMR on test servers.  When we booting server through ILO , getting below error “ No network interfaces were discovered”.   Also as per bmr logs SRT is running on 6.0 and it requires WinPE 2.1 drivers, so he requested download the windo...

Events ?

Hello Where do I find the Netbackup events, that used to be showed on the right ? Regards Michael

Resolved! Upgrade to 7.6.1 failing

My upgrade from NB to 7.6.1 is failing, below is the snippet of the error. Operating system: netbackup:/tmp> uname -a SunOS netbackup 5.10 Generic_147440-25 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5120 netbackup:/tmp>   Snippet from install ...

Pinku by Level 5
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SLP - force active outside window?

Now that we have SLP windows, is there a way to force the next step if the window is not open? If I have a SLP process: 1. backup to disk 2. duplicate to tape with SLP window starting at noon   If all my processes complete early, or I want to st...

Genericus by Moderator
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Resolved! Should I use the same storage for OS part and Backup DB part?

We are trying to set up Linux server for the backup server, and are using NetApp storage for the both OS part and Backup data part. We have two different type of stroage both from NetApp. One is FAS which has a lot of storage based functions, and su...

Resolved! MS SQL backup

environment: Windows 2008 R2 with Netbackup I am implementing MS SQL backups. At the moment I installed the agent on one of our test servers. Also there is a policy configured to backup the entire database. Together with our DBA I succeeded ...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.0 - symantec elibrary

Hi Experts, Its been quite a while  I have logged into the elibrary for web based tutorials on NB . Came to know that those have been moved to Veritas site. I could not able to see the Netbackup 7.0 video tutotorials in either of the websites.But ...

Netbackup to 7.7.1 - client backups are slow

Hello again, I've had a lot of success on the forums recently with questions, so here goes again! We upgraded our Master server and two Media servers from to 7.7.1 successfully. All of our VMware backups work a treat. However, a number of ...

Resolved! Catalog Backup Failing with 2,50 and 96

Hi All, In our environment, cummulative incremental backup for catalog is failing with 2, 50 and 96. But the full backup is completing successfully, do we have any problem if the catalog incremental backup fails continuously as it has been failing s...

skrp by Level 4
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Resolved! how do i find the child processes of a backup policy?

NBU Windows Server 2008 R2 sp1   in the NBU activity monitor, you will see a backup policy starting and spawning several child processes. that is fine if there are only a single policy running. but if there are multiple instances of the sa...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! how do i restore multiple transaction logs ?

Hi all .. I would like to know how do i restore multiple transaction logs in one go ? At the moment i can only restore full backup plus a lot of logs .. i just want to restore a few latest logs files ... Your feedback are much appreciated Thank yo...

Documentación o curso formacion Netbackup 7.6

Hola a Todos,   Alguien me podría decir donde conseguir documentación de como configurar y trabajar con Netbackup 7.6.1, como crear políticas, como restaurar, como poner excepciones, etc. Al poder ser en español. También me gustaría saber si algui...

Lavila by Level 1
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