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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Redirecting vmchange output

Good morning!   I am working on a script that uses the vmchange command to eject tapes: vmchange -res -m 000123 -mt hcart2 -rt tld -rn 2 -rh mediaserver -v 000_00002_ -rc1 123 -e < controlfile > /dev/null I'm trying to suppress the screen output...  ...

spitman by Level 5
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Resolved! Install Netbackup 7.0 client on Ubuntu 10.04 from Solaris 10 Server

Hi all, I have a problem, I can't find any documentation on how i can install a Netbackup 7.0 client on Ubuntu 10.04 from a Solaris 10 Server running the same version of NB. Someone can help me please? Regards,        Giuseo

giuseo by Level 3
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FT media server configuration problem

Hello, I have a problem with configuring FT mediaserver. It is SUN T3 server with Solaris 10 update 11, NetBackup and 4x QLA2560. Two of them are for storage connection and two are for SAN client connection. I switched the two HBAs to targe...

iclcz01 by Level 4
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Resolved! what is "Default-Application-Backup" ?

NBU whenever i create a backup policy, this "Default-Application-Backup" (with type "Application Backup") is always there. so i have to remove it because i have my own schedules. what is it and why it gets created all the time?

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Deduplication Option

Hi Experts, Please let me know which setting will override in Deduplication? 1:- Policy:- Disable Client side policy.  2:- Client attributes in master server properties :- Prefer to use client side dedupe.   2:- Is Media server dedupe only done in pu...

Resolved! NBU 7.5 in windows 2012 R2

Hi all, I´m trying to install client of NBU 7.5 in windows 2012 R2 OS, I know that only NBU 7.5.0 6 run ok on it, but to install this patch I´ll need install 7.5 first. I am receiveing error when installation of NBU 7.5 client. My log installation fi...

Resolved! Information on Exchange DAG with Netbackup 7.5.06

Hello All, We had Netbackup policy configured for an Exchange DAG with 2 node on the production site. Yesterday our Exchange Team added another node from the DR (as an extended DAG) , now the backup fails(with Status 58) for the newly added server to...

Resolved! Best Policy type to use vmware or mswindows

Following up on my last post ...   My netbackup  client is actualy a virtual machine running server 2012 with a 3.5TB RDM attached to it .. sinc...

Resolved! Backup SAP with DB2 Network connection timed error

I have create case for helping me to backup SAP with DB2 environment, and the backup was running successfully. The day after that, my backup was error in child process "Network connection timed error" and from stdout log error ID was 518. I check it ...

MSI_iqbal by Level 5
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SQL server 2005

HI !! we already restoreing data full backup at daily basis its to getting more time every day .so that we plan to restore differentil backup on daily basis   I wanted to setup an Restore Job which will restore Full Database Backup  and the restore D...

baskar_r by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup Oracle Backup Template on AIX

Hi,   i have my master server 7.5 on windows server and oracle database installed on AIX OS nbu client is also installed on AIX machine now i just wanted to know how can i create backup tamplate as we dont have GUI of AIX.....     Regards,   Umair 

mumair109917 by Level 6
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Resolved! Q about logs in NBU

Hi, I have searched for perfect answers about the unified and legacy logs, but i did not find one, please share your knowledge on this.   What is Legacy logs?  what is Unified logs? What is the purpose of Unified logs? and advantage over Legacy logs?...

Resolved! command to get the backup status from the windows clients

Greetings , i just want to know the process to get the recent backup status of the windows clients with out login into the media servers !! is there any way to get the status of the backup job from windows client if self ? if yes plesae help me to ge...

Resolved! How to recover the catalog without a DR file ?

Hi All,   How to recover the catalog without a DR file ? Which below link to use:

Offserver Backup via a iSCSI or SAS SAN

Good day,   does Netbackup has a way of backing up a HP San with VMware Datastores on it, leveraging the SAN's snapshot feature and that way backing up from the SAN directly? If have read this is called Offserver backup. Veeam actually offers somethi...

Solaris Media Server and TLD robot not talking - Drives in AVR state

Been working on this problem for days to no avail.  Running older, and unsupported 6.0MP3.  Stopped working on 1/16/14.  Thanks -James Here's the output from a bunch of commands: _mnsetup01_181# /opt/openv/volmgr/bin/vmoprcmd -d                 ...

jriche by Not applicable
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Resolved! Search for a file in a specific backup.

There are times that I get a request for restore and not given the whole path so I can find the file and restore it. What I'm given is the mapped path on the end user's computer. To make things quicker, is there a way that I could search the specific...

Resolved! DR file or media id for Catalog

Dear Experts,   I have a query:   We met an Disaster and NBU server crashed and whole NBU DB crashed. Unfortunately, we forgot the DR file location and it was not configured to send via mail. We do not have a note of media used for last Catalog backu...

Vickie by Level 6
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