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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! bpend_notify_busy

Guys i want to configure this script so that i can get an email of the files those were busy while backup was running.. i have copied bpend_notify_busy script to /usr/openv/netbackup/bin but i don't know what else to do now ? Do i need to change som...

nbuno by Level 6
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Resolved! Media Expiration

Is there any method Netbackup can permanently delete an image on the tape

bkup_sp by Level 2
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Resolved! Cold standby master server

Dear Experts, We are performing Netbackup upgrade including hardware refresh for a customer. The current version is and will be upgraded to The server hardware would also be refreshed. The question I have is, they are aiming to achie...

Resolved! Problème NB 7.5 sur DC2003

Bonjour, J'ai un souci lors de notre passage sous NetBackup 7.5  sur mes clients controleur de domaine.Je suis obligé de faire tourner le service "NetBackup Client Service" sur un compte administrateur du domaine pour que la sauvegarde se fasse. Le m...

G_D_ by Level 3
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Resolved! Remove tape media

I want to know how to remove data from tape media in netbackup server

Inno_John by Not applicable
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Resolved! Need to report files backed up by netbackup for a client

Hi Guys,    I need to report my client about what all files and directories have been backed up. I tried with bplist, but it only shows the files which were backed up by NBU for a client. It doesn't shows size, Whereas in TSM shows a pretty decent re...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup 7505 Java GUI suddenly stops working

A week ago, I changed my Windows 7 desktop theme and lost all my master servers listed in the java GUI.  I recreated the list manually, but it appeared that the GUI stopped reading my fil...

Resolved! NBU 7.x ACS drives for restore only

Hello all, a simple question : is it possible with NBU 7.x on Linux to set an ACS LTO drive in a "read only" mode ? I mean this drive would be used only for restore, and there will no attempt to mount a tape on it for backup I'm aware that there are ...

Troubleshoot Restore Problems

Hi there, I am attempting to do a restore of a directory but it is taking ages so i am trying to troubleshoot the problem now.  Sometimes when I attepmpt the restore netbackup does not get as far as mounting the tape in the tape drive. When it does g...

Resolved! Installing 7.5 on an unsupported OS

Quick question. As an example I know that 7.5 server isn't supported on Solaris 9. If we attempted to upgrade to 7.5 on on an unsupported OS would the upgrade fail ? Or would it continue with the upgrade and potentially leave you with an unsupported ...

nick80 by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup Backup/Restore Problem, BAR can not show any backup

Hi All, I take two my server backup with same policy, Backup completed succesfuly almost a month, now I need to restore some files in last backup but BAR can not show any backup about this host, How can I restore this backup ? Screenshots attached.

Sp_tech by Level 3
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Resolved! After upgrade to NetBackup 7.5 backup runs very slow

Hi there, So one of the policies in my netbackup 7.5 environment has been running the backup very very slowly as per before the upgrade, all other jobs and polcies are fine, and from na networking perspective and stats/specs all is in order, all the ...

JaquesC by Level 4
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Resolved! Tape labeling, barcodes and volume pool assignment...

Hi, I got a Netbackup system that I’ve inherited from a previous admin and the fact I’m still familiarizing myself with the product, I have a task to implement which I have not done before and need your advice! We have a volume pool called “AB-Pool” ...

maxsven by Level 4
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How to change a aix from a client to a master server

Now i have a master server and a client on aix. I want to remover the master server from the setting  and change the client to the master.But i need to reserve the policy of the client . Besides  resetup  the master server on the client and config th...

Exclude weekly backup during monthly backup

I would like to exclude the last Friday of the month as the monthly backup will take over at that time. How can I set it with an easier way, for example by clicking something or command? Because I don't want to do it manually on scheduling which is v...

Status code 28 (failed trying to fork a process)

Hi All,   We have been getting this error for the backup of one our HP-UX client backup. Please help in troubleshooting this. NBU Version :- 6.5.4 MASTER AND MEDIA SERVERS :- SUSE LINUX CLIENT :- HP-UX 11.23   Thanks, Nayab

Resolved! multi-streamed user backups using bpbackup

Is the functionality of multi-streamed user backups using bpbackup command still not available? I'm doing bpbackup -p Policy -f Filelist and it doesn't understand new stream. Is there a way to get it to work with the command?

Resolved! VTL Issue and Media lebelling

NBU Version Master , Media servers OS : Linux Client OS : linux Backup Destination : VTL ,  Deduplication Appliance Backup Type : Flash Backup with Media servers as alternate client   VTL Vendor Recommended to have 20GB size Tapes, 3000 Tapes...

Resolved! Media information

Hi all, I need your help to find the Media life cycle for the audit purpose. It's a LTO-4. I need to know the informations such as,   I got the first mount and last mount. I need the information of how many more mounts left for a particluar tape, in ...