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create srt for x64 windows system

Level 4

Hi all

I tried to create SRT for windows x64 and i had few problems.

my BeraMetal  boot server and the master server are the same server and its x86 architecture.


I start the berametal SRT wizard>create new>create new fast SRT>on the path to net backup Client i give the X64\PC_Clnt\x64\Veritas NetBackup Client.msi .

during the installation when the copy files to the SRT occurs i getting "failed to copy "MFC71.DLL" to the STR" error

is the problem occurred because the boot server is x86 ?

how can i create SRT for windows x64?

thanks for the help


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please veriry the steps from the BMR admin guide page 117 and make sure you have followed all..64-bit SRT has the separate source location .. 



Creating an SRT for Windows
Windows SRTs no longer require the user to supply a version of Windows. The
SRTs use a special version of Windows that is shipped with the boot server.
To create a Windows SRT
1 From the Start menu on the Windows BMR boot server that is to host the
SRT, select Programs > Symantec NetBackup > Bare Metal Restore Boot
Server Assistant.
The Bare Metal Restore Boot Server Assistant appears.
2 Click Shared Resource Tree Administration Wizard.
The Shared Resource Tree Administration wizard appears.
Note: You can use an SRT containing the NetBackup client of 7.0 or higher
versions to restore the back-level NetBackup clients.
3 Select the option to create a shared resource tree. Then follow the prompts
to create a shared resource tree. You must provide the following information:
The name of the SRT is also used for the directory that
contains it. Only alphanumeric characters and the
underscore (_) character are allowed.
Enter the description of the SRT. For example: Windows
2008 SRT
location of SRD
If you are creating the 32-bit or 64-bit SRT for the first
time, a screen appears, where you need to specify the
source location of SRD.
For 32-bit SRT, specify the source location of ‘srd.wim’,
which is as follows:
<DVD root>\Addons\x86\BMRBS
For 64-bit SRT, specify the source location of
‘srd_x64.wim’, which is as follows:
<DVD root>\Addons\x64\BMRBS
<DVDroot> is the root folder on the NetBackup Windows
installation DVD.
Path to the NetBackup client software image
 Enter the path of the BMR client software image.
hope this helps.

Level 6

i believe you have used correct base wim image (x64 wim) for creating x64 arch SRT.

You can definitely create x64 srt on 32 bit boot server.

Also please mention which nbu version you are using on boot server and nb client version being added into srt.



Level 4
the master/media/client NBU version is 6.5.6(I know its not supported...)

Level 6

Ok. In that case did you select AMD64 type while selecting SRT architecture? Do not select x86  (32 bit) architecture.

You can also enable debuglevel to 6 in nblog.conf file on your boot server and capture bmrsrt logs. This can tell you more about the problem.