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drop in restore of netbackup 7.7

Level 5

Hello all,


I want  solution for  restore  taking time  from seconadry storage  to solaris machine (on solaris machine, we  installed the  latest netbackup 7.7).

we tried some  option  such as  reduced fragments size; setting on solaris  machine

Please provide  us help so that we  can restore  our data easily .




Level 5

Hi Rashi,

Please provide more details about your NetBackup environment.

Master Server OS/NBU version, media server OS/NBU version.

Details about secondary storage- tape, disk ?

Backup-Policy details about the Solaris machine in question ?

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Where are the backups ?  On tape, on disk ?

If the backup is to tape, is it multiplexed (mpx), if so, what is the mpx value (how many streams are there).

Can you copy /paste the details tab from activity monitor up here, from a restore that is slow, but does complete.

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mph999 is right - the job details would be very helpful.


A few other things...


Have you looked at the i/o stats on the disk you're restoring too?  If using a disk or MSDP storage unit, also check the disk i/o on the media server.

iostat -xtn 1 5

** I think :)  Check the output - disregard the first one as that's the average since boot or since the last run.


Since your client is Solaris - run iostat -en to see if the disks are getting any hard write or transport errors.  Then review /var/adm/messages to see when those errors occurred.


Check the network - are there any dropped packets?  Any limiting factors?


i.e. netstat -s (for the tcp and IP stack statistics)

  netstat -ian for the NIC stats.


But again - mph999 is correct - please paste the job details (or attach them), and also please tell us what storage is used, what media server is used (o/s).  On the media server - also check the same items - netstats, iostat's