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Hi All,

I want to configure the flash backup policy for linux servers.

In backup selection i need to take local partion of the server.

my question is in the policy attribute why we need to select  the option perfrom off-host backup as alternate client. in this scenario how the snap shot creates wither it creates in the same server of local disk and the pushes to media or it creates the snap shot on the media server.   


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Re: flashbackup

Please check point 7 and 8 in this Technote -

To shift backup I/O to an alternate client, or to a NetBackup media server or third-party copy device (UNIX clients only), select Perform off-host backup.

Re: flashbackup

There is no need to select alternate client option if you want to perform FlashBackup backup.
Unless you want to combine FlashBackup with offhost backup and you have confirmed that all requirements are in place as per snapshot client compatibility list and Snapshot Client manual.