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how to check the size of EMM

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Hello Team,

My Catalog backup size is 810GB. Catalog is a combination of (EMM + image database). Is there a way to check the size of EMM specifically?


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the easy way:

check the size of the directory

c:/program files/veritas/netbackupdb/data  for windows
\usr\openv\db\data   for linux

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If my memory is correct, you can also use "NbDbAdmin.exe" command to get detailed status on Windows or dbadm option 2 on Linux/Linux.


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Your memory is correct Nicolai ...

You will need to reset the nbdb passwd first, as by default it is random

nbdb_admin -dba <new passwd>  (can answer 'n' to the question)
A NBDB rebuild might bring the size down , will take a while though during which time you'll need to stop NBU and only have NBDB running.

It could be the case that one of the db tables is massive - I think one of the audit tables can be an issue.  Not sure of anyway to find this other than to run :

/usr/openv/db/nbdb_unload </some output dir with 1TB space> and then see which .dat files are the biggest, then look these up in reload.sql to see what they are.

If i change nbdb password will it effect the backups?

actually we are planning to upgrade from 8.1.1 to before that do i need to perform rebuild/reorganize of EMM if its size is more then 4-5GB?


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No, changing NBDB is safe, but now I think about it you should restart the services on the master as it can upset secure comms on occasion.

Hi @Dav1234 

More simply, look at the last catalog backup (incremental or full). The first stream that runs AND writes data (it shoud be the third stream of the backup) is backing up the NBDB. This will give you the size of the EMM (aka NBDB).