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linux media server rename

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hello team,

is there any procedure how i can rename a media server (Linux) from default name to FQDN ?

Not the hostname , the name you give when you install the Media

Media is on 10.1 version and Master Server is a Windows machine

thanks in advanced


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hi @solomοn 

Why do you want to change the hostname from short to FQDN ?

Usually a hostname is the short name and the domain name is provided by /etc/resolv.conf

It sound to me you are trying to fix name resolution (DNS) problems by changing the media server host name.

Could you explain the reason for the request ?

Hi , @Nicolai 

i got an error : error 4032 when i try to create a universal share on master server (WebUI), the error is from NGINX and probably need to be FQDN

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Hi @solomοn 

I haven't set up any universal share, so I cannot help you with that. 

My recommendation is to check for name resolution on the master, using the media server sort name first. If that fails check name resolution for additional domain names in Windows IP configuration (the field called "append these DNS suffixes)" 

What might happen if you make the short name, full name is addition of domain name to the host name - e.g. now becomes

Also, if you already got a MSDP running on the media server, be careful of what you are doing.