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media servers

Level 3
I need to install environment of NB5.1 enterprise master and media servers.
In the past I installed master + media N.B 4.5 on Solaris and during the installation script I choose one of the server to be media agent.
Now I can not choose this option in the script.
How can I do this thing ? How can I change one master to be media ? I tried to do this by the GUI (Host properties -> Servers -> make master etc) but it did not worked.

Thank you in advance for detailed help

Level 5
Once the software is installed you cannot change it from media to master server. In order to do that you have to reinstall the server that you want to be the master.

Level 3
The problem was the license code.
using other license, I Was asked during installation relevant questions. :)

Level 6
Since you loaded NB 5.1, I just want to warn you that there are some problems with that release and that VERITAS has issued a dozen techalerts. To view them:

use this phrase including the quotes to search
"VERITAS Technical Services has just issued a Software Alert"

Level 4

A master is a master becaus in it's config file /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf the first entry is SERVER=
If I'm not in 1st position in bp.conf it means I'm a media server (or a console) working with another master.
You must stop and restart services for this to work.

Under Windows, the bp.conf does not exist, but the way it works is the same with the registry entry :
The enry SERVER lists the known media servers and console .. the first name IS the MASTER SERVER.

This has been wokring that way with all versions of NBU.

Binaries are exactly the same for media and master servers under UNIX. For Windows, I would still suggest to override the installation.

Kerk the noob