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newly added media server not showing up in master server console

Level 5

I have a Windows master server( and created a media server on linux (centos 8).while adding the media server I followed steps from Veritas guide and posts available here.
my issue is that the name of the newly created media server is not showing in console , under media servers.but if I do "configure Media Server" under actions, the new media server properties is showing fine.
I have confirmed below points:
-the name of linux media server is available in master servers properties (shortname and FQDN) both under additinal servers and media servers)
-name of the linux media server is availble in registry in the registry key Server
-lin linux media server, the bp.conf seems fine.
I have faced below issues:
1-from linux server, running "nbemmcmd -getemmserver" gives me "a web login is required,.Run the 'bpnbat -login -loginType command to login"
2-from master server, running nbemmcmd -listhosts (and with -verbos) it only representing the master server name.
3-trying to add the linux media server in master server via nbemmcmd , gives an error that the hostname already exist.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me out on this issue.




Level 4

@kiyan it is mostly because.. host name resolution or NetBackup certificates are not deployed correctly.

Run following commands 

Master Server

bptestbpcd -host <media server>

Media Server

bptestbpcd -host <master server>

nbcertcmd -checkclockskew

nbcertcmd -hostselfcheck

nbcertcmd -ping

These commands are just to validate the media server status. it will not make any changes.

@sanket_pathak1 thank you for your reply.
As I have mentioned in my first post, I have already done that (both FQDN & shortname) .

@kiyan yes.. i realized it, hence edited my original post. :) 

@sanket_pathak1 Thanks for your continded support.
Kindly find the results in the attachment.

media server time ,is matching the correct time (windows time ).


Level 4

did you refresh your console by logging out and logging back in?  sometimes I have found that will correct the issues on the console menu.

Hi @kiyan 

Can you repeat the bptestbpcd commands adding the "-verbose" flag and post the results?

When you said you added the media server " I followed steps from Veritas guide and posts available here." Can you tell us what steps you performed - the best way to add the media server is before starting the install add the host to the server list (or media server list), then perform the install of the server software on the Linux host (it takes care of doing all the required steps to add it correctly). 

The fact that the "nbemmcmd -listhosts" is not showing the linux host indicates to me that it has not been added correctly.

Another issue that is showing the the clock skew between the master and media server - the time on each server needs to be consistant within a reasonable factor - your master appears to be 12 hours different (this may be incorrect application of timezones and how the local clock is being set on each server - the UTC time on each needs to match). 




Hi @kiyan 

looks like SERVER entry for media host is done after install is done. If so, then run these commands

nbemmcmd -addhost -machinename <mediaservername> -machinetype media -netbackupversion -operatingsystem linux -masterserver <masterservername>

Also try to sync the clock on media server. the "checkclockskew" show its behind 39599 seconds (almost 10 hours) than master server.

It should work.


@PaulStevens Hi Paul, I have already tried that.
@davidmoline I have uploaded the master and media as you have requested.I am sure I have added the media name in the master server (under additional  servers and media servers).the time difference was odd, as they were showing exactly the same time but as you pointed out, it was time zone difference which I have fixed it.

@sanket_pathak1 as I have mentioned in my first post, this step I have done it , I have done it again, it is same.the time issue was sorted out.


Thank you guys for the support

Hi @sanket_pathak1 

My next suggestion is to uninstall NetBackup from the Linux media server and start again (you may need to generate a reissue token for the media server but this can be done during the installation). 

All the information you have given looks fine - fixing the time is important but I'm not sure that would have caused the issues you have encountered. The only item that looks suspicious (although I don't think it is causing the problem) is that you may have a difference in how the master server is defined (you should use either the short name or FQDN everywhere for consistency). 

Good luck

Level 5

Hi @davidmoline Thank you for your suggestion,can you explain a bit more about the name difference?I have provided the media short name and FQDN under additional servers in master properties, in media server and in host file.I have provided the short name and FQDN of the master in /etc/hosts file in media server as well.
Should I check /import any other location?





Hi @kiyan 

The name of the master server (and EMM server) needs to be consistent across the domain and match whether using FQDN or short name. It is acceptable to add additional entries (whether by emm alias or just as server entries) using the alternate form of name. 

This means that the first SERVER entry for the master, media and clients are all identical. They should ideally match the name from your CA certificate - so in your situation, the FQDN should be used everywhere. I think in your domain, you specified the FQDN for the master in stallation, but now the first SERVER entry on the master is using a shortname. Again best [ractivce is that the EMMSERVER entry should use the same name (and form) as the first server entry (this is for the master and media servers).


Level 5

@davidmoline @sanket_pathak1 I will able to sort out the issue by reinstalling the media server.

Thank you both for your support.