one year old restore logs

Hi Team,

we have restored whole Linux client server 1 year back and now for some audit purpose client needs that restore logs

Is it possible to get one year old restore logs... not whole logs but he just want that thise server is restored one year back on this specif date.


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Re: one year old restore logs

If you have catalog backup performed around restore date you may try to restore "trylogs" and search for the log.

Re: one year old restore logs

Hi Mike,

How to restore trylogs...can you please share any technote

Re: one year old restore logs

ANd i just gone through one blog and there mentioned that you can get this by nbauditrport command..

But i ant getting any output.

<SERVER># nbauditreport -ctgy JOB -fmt DETAIL

Audit records fetched: 0

Re: one year old restore logs

Simply restore files from the folder /usr/openv/netbackup/db/jobs/trylogs/*  to alternate location. 

That trylogs are: https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.100038882

Re: one year old restore logs

Hi Mike,

it's not showing logs of 2018 as system restored on 2018, last logs of dated 19th April, 2019.

Re: one year old restore logs

If you no not have backups of 'user_ops' folders with retention period of more than 1 year, or catalog backups with more than 1 year retention (for db/jobs folder), then there is no way to retrieve this data. 

You can try nbauditreport, but I doubt that this utility keeps records for more than 1 year, unless it was explictly configured for extended retention. The default is 90 days.

See https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/doc/21733320-127424841-0/v40701145-127424841

Re: one year old restore logs


another chance can be OpsCenter Analytics if you run it. It keeps job history for 220 days by default and this value can be increased to a several years.

Audit persons should specify in advance which information and logs you should keep and how long..