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restore state is in pending for a long time.

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Hi marrianne,

Now I am facing one restoration issue. When I am performing the restoration, the restore state is in pending for a long time.

In job Detailed Status, it is showing- awaiting resorce. But media is available in the library.

When I checked media status in command line, it is showing, Server Group=UNRESTRICTED_SHARING_GROUP"

For the above one, I have disabled "Enable unrestricted media sharing for all media servers" in Master server host properties.

I am very much worried about this issue and not able to find the actual cause.

For your information, I have performed Robotic Inventory also.

I will be thankful to you if you help me out in fixing this issue.

Thanks in advance,





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If you change the disable "Enable unrestricted Media Sharing", I think it will effect to new backups not for existing backup,


please checking the following,

Check media reqired for the restore and then do filter in java gui--> media and check who is owning that tape...


and also check

FORCE_RESTORE option in bp.conf



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Hi Sam,
After how long the restore is being failed ?
And what error code it is showing after failure ?
Do the media server have free and up Drive for restore ?

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Apart from the obvious things (tapes not in the library etc. which should all be shown in the text of the job itself) there are a couple of things that can cause this

1. Master Server Host Properties - Fibre transport  - Default can be preferred - change to never of you dont use FT to speed things up

2. Master Server Host Properties - General Server - Delay on mulltiplexed restore - this setting allows you to kick off multiple restores before any will start to run so that they can do multiple restores from a multiplexed tape - however every restore from a multiplexed tape will be affected by this setting so if you do not often do multiple restores at the same time reduce this setting.

Changing these two can help - they do need a service re-start to register them

Hope these help

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Hi Vickie,

Restore is not failing, it is in pending state for a long time.

Yes, media server have free and up drive for restore.