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tapes inside the scratch pool are not deleted

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all tapes from expired volume pools are successfully moved into the scratch pool but are not erased.

If it is not deleted, the data fills the HP library and I have to perform a manual cleanup.

Is there any setting on net backup that I can see for this type of problem?




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hi @marconimis 

Not sure I understand the problem fully.

When a tape has it backup images expired, Netbackup move the tape to the scratch pool. 

When Netbackup need a empty tape, it takes a tape from the scratch pool and the existing backup images on tape are overwritten with new backup images. No need to erase a tape first.

However - if you are using tapes from other backup system, Netbackup will detect that and freeze those tape. To avoid that, use the media manager "label" operation.

You should never label or erase a tape that is assigned to a volume pool other than scratch

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