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unable to do phase1 import for tapes

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we are unable to do phase 1 import for the tapes. we get below error.

21:19:49 INF - Found existing image information for client abc, policy abc_VM_Tape, and schedule Full, done on 04/23/2020 17:02:03.
21:19:49 WRN - Cannot import client abc, policy abc_VM_Tape, and schedule Full, copy 1 fragment 1 already exists. Skipping this image.


even though there is no copy in netbackup\db\images folder created for this image.

Please help!


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Hello Thiago,

I have checked this and was wondering how can I access the EMM database. Furthermore, when I am running phase 2 for this image I am getting below error:

"This image was not created with TIR information" "TIR information doesn't exist for this backup"

How can I get the TIR information as I am unable to do phase 2 without this.

Please any help will be appreciated.

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Bear in mind that phase 1 creates header information. 
As from NBU 7.5, header files are no longer stored in db\images folder, they are stored in the EMM database.

Phase 2 will build the 'files' info in images folder. 

The message says that the image headers already exist in the EMM database. 

To see what is EMM database, use bpimagelist command. 
bpimagelist -U -client abc -policy abc_VM_Tape -d 04/23/2020 -e 04/24/2020

Don't worry about TIR - it's just a message saying that the backup was taken without TIR. 

Have you tried phase 2 import? 

Hello marianne,

bpimagelist for the client is coming back with the backup date, size and expiration details which means the information of phase 1 import has been successfully added to the database.

But when I am running phase 2 for this particular image, I am getting error for missing TIR information.

Phase 2 Error: 'image was not created with TIR information'

and then phase 2 job is failing after above error.


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I found 2 posts with similar errors.

The problem is that the posts are for pre-7.5 versions where the image header files could be edited and there are references to Symantec URLs that do not exist anymore.

Long story short - there may be more tapes in the backup set that will need phase 1 import first.

This TN seems to suggest that there may be a hardware issue or that another tape is needed:


We have different volume pools. We've checked all the tapes in the volume pool belonging to this clients but we haven't found the TIR image.

Is it possible that images for this client were spanned on the tapes which are part of another volume pool?

Is there no way to edit the header information in EMM database for these images??

Thanks for your time and response.

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All the tapes in a single backup set will be written to tapes in the same volume pool.

If you have a Scratch pool configured, then it is possible that expired tapes are moved to Scratch. 

About editing headers - I am very hesitant to suggest this - 
there is something that COULD work, but there might be a risk of messing it up....
Look at cat_export and cat_import commands.

If you have active maintenance, then probably best to log a Support call for assistance. 

Hi @Marianne 

Can we do cat_export and edit the header file and somehow remove the TIR_INFO parameter from that file so that netbackup doesn not look for the TIR fragment??

Is that doable?

I have exported a file from cat_export and would like to try this option. If you could let me know how to edit the TIR_INFO parameter, that would be great.