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DING Installer error

When computer is turned on it gives an error message that DING Installer is not working and wants Norton Internet Security to be uninstalled and reinstalled.  This has to be done every day or two.  Any ideas on how to fix this issue?    Computer is r...

MMPC by Not applicable
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Resolved! attack

Hello The whole world is saying today symantec was attacked by anonymous group, is this true? Someone could give us news even if it actually happened? should say, do not you think?

StevenN by Level 3
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Resolved! Memory swapping report

Hi, I need a sql report showing the changes in the machine's memory made ​​by someone. The report below it's outdated, because the tables referred have been changed. Regards.   SELECT     ConfigRequestTbl.Name, DATEDIFF(d, ConfigRequestTbl.LastCo...

crlima by Not applicable
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Monitoring machines

Good morning,  It would not be important in similar forensic software security solution to point some strange movement in net for manual configuration?  Would not it be nice to send this log to the administrator so that it has real science of what ...

Resolved! svchost.exe

There are some method to identify and fix svchost exe problems?

StevenN by Level 3
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Resolved! Hello

Hello How do I remove mcafee product?

Forum discussions

Dear, good day. Some situations created for the forum discussions were not disclosed And is marked in red someone can tell me why? hugs

You design your system

For better be your antivirus, two problems occur frequently: Lack of update. Inefficiency to block changes in the registry keys or writing to the system folder. For malware to install itself on the system successfully it needs basically two thin...

Risks of fraud power increase in business

The risks of fraud in computer security or enterprise networks have grown considerably in Brazil and worldwide. Essas são algumas das conclusões de um estudo realizado pela Deloitte intitulado “Risk Intelligent governance in the age of cyber threats”...


The Microso ft Windows users warned about possible attacks "man-in-the-middle" capable of stealing passwords from some wireless networks and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).  However, the company will not release an update to resolve the problem.  Th...


Dear, Could someone explain to me who to turn to my accreditations appear? hugs      

Resolved! Phrases that scare security professionals

Given the findings of some practices and routines, it is easy to know what the problems are with the security companies. It is your case? The scenes are classic. A child with chocolate smeared shirt says, categorically: "It was not me." Or the phone ...

IT security policies need to change

IT security policies need to change Mobility, cloud and advancement of social networks are becoming obsolete the traditional rules, say industry leaders IT and information security managers will not be able to directly control or adequately protect ...

Resolved! I was invaded, who's to blame?

This paper presents the thoughtful side of some teams after serious mistakes made by those who, after hiring some solutions in order to relax a little more concerned for their jobs, in order to relax so much that tend to change as the only solution c...

Resolved! Serious Error

Dear, good morning. I would like to make clear in this discussion, the importance that we give the integrity of our data, in particular our emails. We constantly see people everywhere reporting infections on their desktops and applications, but I do ...

Resolved! Backup Exec and PGP NetShare

Is there a way to use Backup Exec 2010 to backup and restore data that is encrypted using PGP NetShare?  I seem to be able to backup my data, but when I try to restore, I receive an "access denied" error.  This happens in both a redirected folder and...

clearlink by Level 2
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How to update our vendor account for Symantec

Hi,   Our company has been on the Symantec vendors list for several years now. We recently changed our company name and I would like to know who to get in touch with at Symantec to update our files and continue to provide services to Symantec.   Than...

Vontu Symantec DLP Network Prevent for Web Error

Buenas tardes. No se si ha alguien mas le haya ocurrido pero cada vez que entro a la consola de Symantec DLP y reviso el servidor de Network Prevent for Web este me muestra el siguiente mensaje MessageCode1010SummaryRestarted FileReaderDetail Fil...

kdashtobi by Level 2
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