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OPS center - documentation for table of DB

i'm new on NBU. I have tried to do some reports using OPSCenter but the template reports does not contain the info i need.

I have looked in the documentation if there is a list of table/columns for report based on my SQL. I haven't found anything ...

I have read in a post that when report is displayed i can see the sql with a button... i haven't found the button!

Can anyone help me?

OPSCenter 7.0 running on windows system.

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OpsCenter Analytics license

OpsCenter Analytics license is required for custom SQL, or so I believe. You would then have the "famous" button to see what SQL query is executed.


This button exists in VBR,

This button exists in VBR, but not in OpsCenter.

So, how we could find SQL

So, how we could find SQL tables in OpsCenter?



perhaps i have a

perhaps i have a workaround:
in opscenter server, under C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\db there is a zip named inside the zip, there is the folder "70" and inside this the file named schema.xml

In this file you have all the table of opscenter.

i know, this is only a workaround ...