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Operations Center Report needed for Consecutive Backup Failures

Level 4

Master Server Name

Client Name Policy Name Schedule Name Job ID Start Time End Time Status Code Last successful full Last successful incremental No. of days for incremental No. of days for full

The columns above are desired in this report.

I need this report to compare full backups with full backups, incremental backups with incremental backups; it should let us know the no. of days for which the backups have not happened for a server (full v/s full and incremental v/s incremental) along with the status code(s), policy name(s) and master server. - This report lists the failed jobs of all clients in past 2 weeks. Now, when this report will be utilized in production, we will have the list of servers with failed backups for last 2 weeks. It does not give us an indication which ones are ‘consecutively’ failing and for how many days?
- We indeed have the date of last full or incremental backup but the date when it failed, not when it got successful. So, how will we calculate the no. of days from which it is failing until we know when it got last successful? So, in my view, please see if it is possible to get the no. of days from which it is failing (schedule on schedule).