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OpsCenter - Partially Successful backup

Level 2
In OpsCenter, is it possible to consolidate Partially successful backup as successful backup?

Level 5
If you mean the dashboard

No there is no way, and it is also not good to do that. You should care about your status code 1 jobs and eliminate at best all of them.

Level 6

There are log files in different systems that will change names daily.  the inactive log files can and should be backed up, but the one open for that day cannot.  The only way to exclude the open one would be to exclude all those log files, and that is not acceptable either.  We also have a large number of users who leave for the day with an open word doc or excel spreadsheet on a network drive.  Despite repeated appeals to them to close all open programs, we cannot force those files closed, and would not want a user to lose work, if we can help it.

Level 4


I agree with Christopher, it is easier and better practice to get all of your files backed up.

There are several ways to eliminate Status code 1 Backups.  A couple of quick solutions.

1.  Exclude Lists - If there are files that you know will cause a status code 1 failure, and that file does NOT need to be backed up (static file), add it to the clients exclude list.
2.  Another quick thing to check is make sure on your windows clients that WOFB (Windows Open File Backup) is enabled.  This can be found under Host Properties> Master Server> Client Attributes.   Add the client with status code 1 to the list and on the "Windows Open File Backup" tab and enable WOFB using VSS if you are running Windows Server 2003.  If running Server 2000 then you are forced to use VSP as VSS is not available in 2000.

Please see this link for more information on number 2.

ope this helps!


Level 4

First Ron, I don't understand what you are disagreeing with.  I edited my earlier post to bold a section. I was simply giving some common easy solutions.  If a file does not need to be backed up AND it's causing a status code 1, just simply exclude it.  Obviously if there is a business need to have the file backed up then by all means another solution needs to be put into place.

Level 4

I'd also like to know why the options for treating 1s as 0s are gone. They used to be in VBR.

As for eliminating error 1s... in a large environment with thousands of windows clients, thats not really doable.