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Some way to tell how many tapes I am using a month

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I am about to separate my DEV envrironment and PROD environment.  We are going to create two logical libraries and I am trying to figure out how many tapes we are using a month so we can make sure we have enough new tapes to rename for one of the environments.  Can anyone help me out?  I figured there might be a report in OpsCenter but if there is a better way I am all ears.





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You may dig a bit on the Report Tmeplate > Media Report. It may gives you what you want.

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I could not find any options on the "Media Reports" templates, so I created one under My Reports --> Custom Report.  If you are not licensed for OpsCenter Analytics, you will not be able to do this in OpsCenter.

Assuming you want to know how many tapes you send offsite in a month:

My Reports --> Custom Report --> Next

Choose a timeframe (last 6 months?)

Time Frame Grouping: 1 Months

Under Filters, select Media --> Backup Media Volume Pool Name = (select your offsite volume pool name)

(Note: I suggest you click on each of the other filter options to make sure none are selected; OCA has been randomly selecting filter options that cause the report to produce an error message.)

Click Next.

Report On: Master Server

X-Axis Report Data: Backup Media Last Write Time

Y1 Axis Report Data: Media Barcode, and select "Distinct" from the next drop-down.

Uncheck Trend and Forecast lines (usually wrong anyway), then Next.

If you get a message that no data was found, click the Back buttons and check the Filters section for any randomly selected filter options and remove them.

If you want to know how many distinct tapes you used in a month including ones that have stayed onsite, simply remove the Filter for you offsite media pool.  You may find it helpful to change the Report On field to Volume Pool Name, which should help you figure out how many tapes you use in a month are utilized by each Volume Pool.

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Please try to independently verify the results of the above report before accepting it as correct.  OpsCenter is not always accurate, and the options selected may not actually produce the data you are looking for.  Always try to verify the results outside of OCA wherever you can!

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Hi Ron,

I am using OC Basic. It's nice to know the benifit of Analytics version from your use case. Symantec talks about the difference between those two version but not promoted much on the variety and flexibility on custom reports.

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