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Report of Offline servers

NB 7.0.1 is there any report that tells what servers have been suspended for backups and when their resume time is scheduled for? (this is the part in the master server properties - client attributes - Offline until <date> <time>)

Resolved! Pie charts not showing on home page

NBU 7.1 Capacity OpsCenter 7.0   When I log in to OpsCenter, the only pie charts showing on the home page are Media Summary by Status, and Drive Summary by Status.   Do I need to upgrade OpsCenter to match my NBU version?  Will that fix the issue, or...

JHeaton by Level 6
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OpsCenter Restore Report Issue

Our internal audit department has a report that it runs on a quarterly basis for restore history.  On database restores the file count is always consistanly zero, but there are bytes restore reported.  Also we are seeing intermittant instances on non...

Roy_Drury by Not applicable
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Resolved! OpsCenter: Access to cutom view filters

Hello everyone! Perhaps someone (preferred a symantec employee) can answer the following question:   Is it normal, that custom user-defined filters in OpsCenter can be seen and used by all other users, too? or is this a bug? A customer of ours finds ...

DominikG by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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ops center

hello netbackup 7 i'm planing to install ops center analytic, i need to know please what is the difference between ops center server ,agent,builder ? where to use each one and when ? can someone give me an implementation config done on a customer sit...

JJ58 by Level 4
Partner Certified
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Fatal error when installing OpsCenter agent

Hi guys, I'm getting a fatal error when trying to install the agent on a NBU 6.5.4 master server running win2k3. Here's the pastebin of what I get in the install log... Any ideas as to why it's screwing up? I've tried reb...

Resolved! Problem with OpsCenter View Builder

Hi, I have been running OpsCenter 7.01 for a few months monitoring two of our Master Servers without any issues, OpsCentre is installed on a Win 2003 R2 server and i have installed the View Builder on the same server. When I try to connect to View Bu...

OpsCenter Reporting - Consecutive Fails

Hi All, Please can someone help. I have tried time and time again to get the consecutive failure report to work but have failed each time to get any report data back. Has anyone experienced the same problem and been able to solve it. Ops Center Analy...

PMcNAB by Level 2
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We are deploying opscentre onto a new environment, but we need to know what the ideal system specifications, CPU, memory etc etc. Can someone point me to correct location or advise ?

mackem by Not applicable
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Report of Disabled Clients

After an incident where a client had been disabled but no one noticed, I need to produce a report through OpsCenter that lists all currently disabled NetBackup clients (v7.x new feature). I was hoping there would be a canned report already but it doe...

BUG: OpsCenter Linux Upgrade to 7.1 (CPI ERROR V-9-0-0 Invalid mount point /var)

If your preforming an upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 running on Linux, you may run into the below issue. Problem:                                                          Symantec OpsCenter Installation Program                                       ...

OpsCenter 7.1 - database schema

Hello,  I used this TechNote combine with this MS article. I generated schema. It is first version.  Any comments are welcome. Thank you  

Resolved! Upgrading OpsCenter to 7.0.1

 Trying to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.0.1.  Receiving the following error:   CPI ERROR V-9-0-0 Available free space in /opt/openv/ is 0 kbytes and it requires minimum 4263832 kbytes to upgrade database. Please create required space and start installation ...

elanmbx by Level 6
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OpsCenter does not export all data from a report

I have been running data that shows (on the screen) a month's worth of tabular data.  However, when I try to export it (or e-mail, makes no difference) it only gives me 3 days worth.  Any ideas on how to get it to export ALL the data from the report ...

grumpy by Level 3
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