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Using Veritas Sybase ASA driver connecting to the VBR database.

We have a dedicated VBR server that all the master propagate their data.   From there we use customs tables and scripts to extract data to generate custom SLA reports.   We would like to extract that data into our CMBD but need that sybase ASA driver.  I have been looking around at sybase and it looks like you have to buy their package to get it.   So I ask, does Symantec provide that drive for us to load on our CMDB server to perform direct extracts?  Or is there another method to create the DSN for the connection?


P.S. I'm a newbie so I apologize in advance if I'm submitting this incorrectly.

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Here's what I found...

No, Symantec does not give you a Driver to use with the ASA DB,  maybe they could if you asked for it, im not sure. However, the Sybase ASA suite is free for developers all you have to do is register and download it. With that you will have the option to get the JDBC and/or ODBC drivers which you can use with the VBR DB. 


Sorry for responding so late, but thanks for your respone.