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Opscenter query to specific report

Hello Community, Can anyone assist with a query to generate clients report that will contain following info: - Path name or Backup selections - Master server name - node name or client name - Backup size - Backup date and time. Thanks. 

Dollypee by Moderator
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Get recycle bin sizing of servers

Hello,Is There a way to get the recyclebin sizing of all Windows client that are backup on a period ?Ops center version 8.2Thank you

OliV078 by Level 1
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Help Opscenter - Tape Drive Utilization

HelloI need information about the time tape drivers use to optimize policy backup windows.Is it possible to create a report in Opscenter with information about tape drive usage time per policy?If so, could you indicate SQL to generate the report, ple...

Resolved! OpsCenter Agent in missing?

I upgraded my OpsCenter installation to a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the installer did not have option for upgrading the OpsCenter Agent to Even though OpsCenter is running normally, the OpsCenter Agent version is still 9.0...

X2 by Moderator
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How to create a replication (AIR) duration report

Hi, hope you all guys doing well. I'm new in OpsCenter and were having a hard time to create a specific report for AIR jobs.We want to make a report that contains the ff.Job Type: ReplicationClient NamePolicy NameJob DurationJob File CountThroughput ...

Opscenter - How i get job size reports

Hello, I need to get a report in opscenter with the backup policy, start and end date and the size, but when select "Reporst/Job Size" y only see a graph with de % and size, and it is not enough to analyze if the backup is taking longer if the size g...

robertoaxity by Moderator
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OPS Center custom report

Good afternoon All,I was hoping is someone could point out which report template I could modify to report back only with server names with "DB" in it. I have looked through the templates but nothing seems to really fit what I am trying to achieve. Ou...

The email from Opscenter

Hi ,There is a email from Opscenter Alert Raised on: February 11, 2021 3:44 PMTree Type : ServerTree Name : ALL MASTER SERVERSNodes : Media: 1Alert Policy: Low available mediaOpsCenter Server: AK-ITI-SRV-08Comm...

Tabriz by Level 5
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Report for Storage Usage / Image Size

Hi,i need a Report that shows me the size used by a client divided by storage unit.We have 2 appliances as puredisk, 4 mediaserver with 3tb advanced disk pool each, 2 tape libraries, 2 disk storage systems (HP Store once)i need the size of all images...

Alert policie: alert severity question

 Hello,When i configure an "alert policie" in OpsCenter wtih "severity: warning". When a related  alert condition of type "Major" or "Critical" event occurs, does the policy triggers also an notification (email report)?Or do i have to configure a new...

OpsCenter Alert Policy: Configure Email "Comment"

Hello all,I'd like some help in the "alert policies" configuration, if possible. When i create a new "alert policy" on Opscenter i fill all the required fields and activate/save the policy.When receiving the alerts on email there is a blank field nam...

SQL query for Audit report

Hello Everyone Can someone please help me with a SQL query to publish an audit report with the below mentioned columns, Client Name Job Duration Job File Count Schedule/Level Type Master Server Job Type Data Size Job Start Time Job End Time Job Statu...

OpsCenter 8.3 netbackup data collection status - not started

Hello Last week I did upgrade opscenter from 8.0 to 8.3 in order to prepare environment for NBU master servers upgrades. On today I noticed that since that upgrade no data collection is taking place... I did open a case with VRTS awaiting their input...

quebek by Moderator
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Migration to O365

Hi, this may or maynot be the correct location to post this, apologies if not.We have a legacy Enterprise Vault system for which responsibility has been handed to a new Team. • Enterprise vault consists of 3 servers.o EV01o EVDA01o EVSQL01• All of wh...

RobBeau by Level 2
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NetBackup OpsCenter 8.2 Chargeback

I am looking to use the Chargeback feature in OpsCenter 8.2 and I am looking for some documention / video on how to setup the cost variables and formulas. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

Can I combine two Opscenter reports?

Hi,We've made two reports in the OpsCenter.The first is to report all the failed jobs (whose status code is not 0), and the 2nd is to report all the successful jobs (whose status code is 0).However, after some failed jobs had a 2nd try (we allow fail...

Report for Last full backup date and size

Hi ,I am looking for report which can give me client name with its last successful full bckup with backup anyone help me to get such report in opscenter or netbackup script ?Thanks in advance

stored procedure to get SLA reports on opscenter

Hi Team,Am using below stored procedure to define SLA report.need your help to exclude below tabs from the script.can you please help me on this.Reruns Completed,File Count these two tabs need to exclude from the below sql query.can you please help m...