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Resolved! OpsCenter-10905:Action not permitted.

Hi, I have finished install Netbackup Opscenter and begining add master server but I am facing an error as below OpsCenter-10905:Action not permitted. Please verify that the OpsCenter host is listed in NetBackup configuration file (host properties o...

vnroot by Level 4
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Resolved! Opscenter SQL Query, Table which contains File List

Hi Techiz,   I am trying to run a report through SQL query, and I would like to know the Table name which contains the File list information of the backup job in Job Overview when you double click it. Thanks Sid

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Resolved! Admin console on OPSCenter server? Order?

So, I'm building me a new opscenter server, and it's up and running OK.  NetBackup THEN I think to myself, I'd like a windows Admin Consosle on this box (windows server 2008, R2) Well, you need the server install for Admin Console, so the l...

OpsCenter Restore files not shown

Hi, I have a strange problem with OpsCenter restore function, when using the browse option a directory listing is not showing the contents, I can see the full directory and files if I use the Java GUI and I can also use the OpsCenter restore...

How to purge data for a single client in Opscenter

Hello,   We are seeing a client name showing in Opscenter that does not have any valid Data on netbackup side (either configuration or backup image data).   Is there a way to purge data for a single netbackup client from opscenter database?   R...

Resolved! Notification e-mail

hi, how to setup please, netbackup to send an e-mail, for a specific JOB-TYPE "like = image import" finish, even if the stat is success or fail ?? can we do it, with OPSCENTER ?? thanks in advance for your help.

issmag by Level 5
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ops center disk volume space low

Background. All master and media server are 5230 Appliances.  Media servers all have Deduplicatoin disk pools.  ver   Issue.   In ops center there is alerting.  I want to setup alerting if a disk pool on an indiviual media server is low....

Resolved! OpsCenter - change up the overview page?

I haven't yet figured out a way to rearrange the info blocks on the monitor -> overview page... is it possible? i.e. to put the ones I care about most at the top?   Thanks in advance! Susan

spitman by Level 5
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Only admins can see filters created by others in OpsCenter 7.6

We are trying to allow the ability for OpsCenter users in our environment to view each other's filters, or more specifically, a filter that specifically filters by clients, but the only user type that can see all filters created by users that are not...

Ops Center / Virtual + Physical Client Reporting. environment, looking to get some info from opscenter   I need to report a client count of physical AND virtual clients that have backed up within a given time frame (eg previous month). Currently there is a Virtual Client Summary page, whic...

DG-2005 by Level 5
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report media status in opscenter analytics

Hi all, I need help about a custom report in opscenter analytics 7.6, the question is: Could I create a custom report to have the media status (frozen suspended or full)  for every volume groups and display them?   Thanks a lot Rick

Rick80 by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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OpsCenter - Client Failed Past 3 Days

Can I get OpsCenter to tell me if a client has failed backups the past 3 nights?  I can configure a report for a client that has failed 3 consecutive times but those 3 attempts could be in the past 5 minutes and show up on the report.  I need to know...

rsamora by Level 5
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Resolved! OpsCenter data import from to

Hi, As part of a global infrastructure change at work a new RHEL OpsCenter server has been created and wil be used as a central OC for the Backup team; however, I currently run a Wintel OC and this contains years worth of data and cu...

Size reports in OpsCenter... before or after dedup ?

In OpsCenter, "Job Size" report seems sometimes to be the size before deduplication ("scanned" count in job report), and sometimes the size after ("sent" count in job report). I do not understand why this is not always the same value ... it...

Gdd by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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OpsCenter Week at a Glance report always stop at 11:59:59 PM

The  "Week at a Glance" report always start at 12:00:00 AM and stop at 11:59:59 PM, while backups usually last all the night. It seems that the  "*Start 24 Hour Day at:" parameter is ignored. Is it possible to modify this behaviour ?

Gdd by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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opscenter detailed policy info

trying to keep detailed policy information report through ops center.  What were looking for is policy name, policy type, policy keyword client name, schedule name, schedule type, and scheduled time.  We are looking for this to put on our sharepoint ...

bmaro by Level 4
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Resolved! OPS Center Report On Clients In Policy

I am looking for either a customized canned report or help with a SQL query to list clients and their associated policy(ies) I think I am running into a problem because some of my policies are disabled and have no backup history. (For tracking of ex...