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Patch Automation Reporting

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This is a basic way to setup a monthly automation report for Patch management for new bulletins downloaded by the SMP.

1.) Create a new shared schedule relative to the MS patch Tuesday. (time zones will affect this, I'm in South Africa so my SMP server only downloads the Patch Tuesday results on Wednesday evening) (patch Tuesday is in Pacific standard time / GMT -8)

2.) Import the attached report - New Patches for the Month.XML in to the SMP server

3.) Import the attached email task - Send automation policy e-mail - Patch Management Alert.XML

4.) create a new Automation task

         4.1) select the shared schedule created in step 1

         4.2) data source: Report -> select report imported in step 2

         4.3) conditions : run for non-empty data

         4.4) select the job imported in step 3

         4.5) edit input parameters:

                     a) refer to screen shot for details -> all custom data sources must be manually entered.

         4.6) Test Automation policy to see if results are as desired.