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Watch the Webinar on Content Syndication to Enhance your Veritas Sales!


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On 20 June 2017 Veritas held an informative webinar on our Web Content and Social Syndication tools.

This 40 minute webinar shows you how you can display the latest Veritas product content, images, promotions, videos and downloadable collateral on your website, automatically syndicated in real time.

It also highlights how to enhance engagement with customers via your social media channels and maximize campaign effectiveness.

Watch the webinar

To view the ‘On Demand’ webinar recording and to learn all about the key benefits of both content syndication tools for your business, please click here. 

Need help?

If you require any assistance in registering or need support to effectively leverage either syndication tools, please email our APJ Partner Marketing Centre at:

We hope to see you leveraging our Content Syndication tools in the near future.

Watch now  


Download the attched Content Syndication information PPT deck