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No Valid Disk Found Error

Level 4
Partner Accredited

I am using Veritas Replication on Windows Server 2008 R2,

Everyday at bootup in the morning, there is an error in event viewer, the error is:

vx boot: Disk group usb: Cannot auto-import group: No valid disk found containing disk group.

I am not able to identify the actual reason behind the above error.



Level 3
Employee Accredited Certified

Hello Faisal,


Are you able to manually import the “usb” disk group after the server comes online? If so then the import is possibly being requested before the disk stack is 100% ready on that server. There may still be components/services still pending to start in the startup process of the server. To resolve this issue we can implement the Veritas DG Delayed Import Service (VxDgDI). This service is installed by default with Storage Foundation. You would need to set this service to be dependent upon another service of your choosing that starts later on in the startup process. This service sets the auto-import to start after the service you select starts. If the service you select starts after the server is 100% up and running than your auto-import will always work.

If you are having issues manually importing the disk group please open a case with us so that we may review your Vxisis logs.